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destaniwillard 14/female/art/poetry/loves music
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i dont even know what this is

The boy

I will always love the boy, who won't love me back The boy, with the sad brown eyes, the ones that turn even more gorgeous in the sunlight..

I will always love the boy who has his heart on lockdown, The boy who worries you with his frown but has the most contagious smile...

The boy for which you'd run the mile, just to see him laugh and smile, The boy that you can't stay mad at, no matter how hard you try, because of that constant fear "you'll make him cry"

So continuously I fall, and continuously, im gonna get hurt... im gonna get hurt by the boy, who doesn't know his worth, the boy who never fails, to bring me smiles and lighten up my day, even when its broke and cracked...

I'm always gonna love the boy that will never love me back.

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