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I must say, I really enjoyed working on this chapter, mainly because of Levi's character. Writing his lines was pure pleasure x3

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My Hero Chapter 6

- So, what kind of bullshit have you been up to?

Levi was leaning against the wall near Erwin’s room.

- Ah, Levi. Pleasant night, isn’t it?

- Yeah, spare me the weather report. And don’t avoid my question.

Erwin only smirked, and opened the door to his room.

- Would you like to come in?

- Not really, but I’m not done with you yet.

Levi made his way inside, and Erwin followed after. In his head he already feared his defeat. It seemed like he couldn’t win at anything tonight.

Levi pulled up a chair and made himself comfortable, while Erwin began to change his clothes.

- Don’t you have any shame, Erwin?

- Oh, excuse me, Levi. I didn’t realize my topless body would make you uncomfortable.

- Keep your stupid jokes to yourself, old man.

- Old man? I’m not that old.

- You are, when it comes to a 16 year old girl.

- Ah, her. I’m guessing you saw us.

- Well, it’s not like you were hiding in any way. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else saw you as well.

Were you really that horny? Or you’ve already gone insane from signing too many documents?

- That has nothing to do with the situation, Levi.

- Is that so? Because I bet either of those two reasons would have been a better excuse than the one you’re about to give me. So, what is it?

- I…don’t really know myself.

- See, told you.

Levi shook his head.

- You do realize what will happen to the both of you once rumors of this spread, don’t you?

- Are you going to tell on us, Levi?

Erwin’s playful smirk was seriously irritating.

- Do you actually believe I have time for this crap? Couldn’t care less what you do, and who you do it with, as long as it’s behind closed doors, and no one learns of it.

We have way more important things on our hands, and if you are planning on slacking off and running around with a brat…

- There is nothing for you to worry about, Levi. I have no intention to take things further than this. And I will continue to play my role perfectly.

- Whatever you say.

Levi stood up, and went for the door. Right before leaving, he turned around and gave Erwin another reason to stay up tonight.

- That girl really likes you; it’s not hard to tell. Don’t play around with her. She has potential, and I don’t want to lose a valuable soldier.

- Why are you so certain she’ll join the Survey Corps?

- I just know it.

With that, Levi left Erwin alone with his thoughts.

- She likes me, huh?

Erwin was lying down in his bed, an arm tucked underneath his head. He was looking at the ceiling so intently, that one would think all the answers to his questions were written up there.

He closed his eyes, glided a finger along his lower lip, and imagined she was kissing him once more. Her taste was sweet, she was clumsy, but that made it even better.

When he opened his eyes once more, he noticed he was way more excited than he thought he would be. Good thing she didn’t notice that earlier tonight.

It’s been a very long time since anything other than the Titans piqued his interest in any way. Erwin Smith let out a deep sigh. He covered his face with his other arm.

- What the hell am I even doing?

- Earth to Desi!

- Huh? What?

I am pulled out of my trance like state.

- I asked if I can have the rest of your breakfast. It doesn’t look like you’ll finish it anyway.

Sasha is sitting next to me, and pointing at my almost full plate.

- Ah, yes, sure, enjoy.

I am not really hungry anyway.

- Are you sure you’re alright?

Sasha asks me, her mouth full of food.

- Yes, I’m fine. I will be fine. Yeah, everything is…fine.

- That’s a bit too many fines for me to believe you.

Just as I am about to reassure her once more, Ymir sits in front of me.

- Well, well, if it isn’t the famous girl.

I send her an annoyed look.

- Even if you keep staring at me like that, it won’t change anything.

I take a deep breath.

- And what exactly is that supposed to mean, Ymir?

- Now, now, don’t play dumb. Rumors about you have been flying around for some time now. You’re curious to know, aren’t you?

- Not particularly.

Ymir simply scoffs.

- I bet even Potato Girl here knows what I’m talking about, but she’s pretending otherwise, so she can remain on your good side.

- Hey!

- It’s alright, Sasha.

I stop her, before she can start bickering with Ymir. I am not really in the mood for any of this today.

- Look, Ymir, I have no clue what you’re talking about, and honestly, I don’t care. I have more important things to do. Excuse me.

I stand up, and move away from the table.

- Did you at least have fun being a whore for the higher-ups?

Ymir’s loud remark causes everyone in the cabin to abandon their small talk, and turn their gazes our way. That does it, this is the last drop. I’m gonna kill her.

- Don’t you dare spread lies about me! You or anybody else! I haven’t slept with anyone!!

- Thank you for informing us.

Captain Levi’s voice startles me. Oh, good, as if things weren’t horrible enough already.

- Now, if everyone is done with their breakfast and the daily gossiping, mind moving your butts to the training grounds?

- Yes, Sir…

I answer vaguely, wishing I could run away from everything and everyone, and just be alone.

- Hey, Shortie, are you alright?

Jean asks me for the 100th time since we started. Captain Levi divided us in pairs, and gave us our next assignment, which is basically combat training.

I am trying to focus, and match Jean’s speed, but that proves to be impossible.

- No, not really.

- Don’t pay attention to Ymir. You know she enjoys bullying others.

- I know. I just…have some stuff I need to figure out. That’s all.

- Well, I’m always here, if you need a good listener. You can count on me!

- Thank you, Jean.

I smile for the first time today, and it's genuine.

- Now, if you don’t want me to give you another injury, show me what you can do!

- You got it!

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