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- Don't let a bunch of abnormals get the best of you! Since they're so keen on climbing, let's throw them down on their asses! Even his brave words didn't change the fact that Squad Leader Mike was quite worried by the situation at hand.

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My Hero Chapter 46

- Don't let a bunch of abnormals get the best of you! Since they're so keen on climbing, let's throw them down on their asses!

Even his brave words didn't change the fact that Squad Leader Mike was quite worried by the situation at hand.

It was the first time this many abnormals gathered together, and the worst part was they kept coming in a never-ending stream. It almost seemed like they came with a clear purpose in mind.

Other than eating humans, that is. Both titans and humans had already experienced serious casualties, and the fight was far from over.

Even Mike found himself struggling with handling the abnormals, even more so after seeing half his squad already dead.

Nanaba and Gelgar were still keeping it together, that was a relief on its own, but he wished Levi would be there soon.

As the two strongest soldiers in the military, together they could push away the titans much more efficiently. What was keeping him so long anyway?

And then his nose twitched. Mike smiled. It was the smell of the titans' doom. Captain Levi and Commander Smith landed on top of the wall, next to Mike.

- What's the situation? - Commander Smith asked.

- We've lost quite a few soldiers, since we can't predict most of the titans' actions. Not to mention the constant need to keep them from climbing the wall.

I've never seen anything like this before.

- Levi, I trust you and Mike can handle most of the titans.

- You bet your ass. - The Captain answered quickly, which made Erwin Smith smile a bit.

- Our mission is to keep them away from the wall and Annie Leonhart.

Thus ended their talk, and all three of them joined the fight for survival.


Can't this horse go any faster??

I'm at the brink of my frustration, which I realize is foolish, but it's the fuel that keeps me going, and the poor animal isn't in any way at fault for my out of control feelings.

- Not much different from Eren, huh...? No wonder we can't really get along.

Once I go through Utopia District, which is I'm guessing completely evacuated at this point, I stop my horse in front of Wall Rose and make my way up with the 3D maneuver gear.

- this...

The sight before me freezes me in my spot. I expected the situation to be quite serious, but this is too much for me to comprehend at first.

Why are there this many abnormals in one place?? It's a rare sight, to say the least.

Since when do all of them know how to climb walls?? As if they weren't dangerous enough and unpredictable already.

Why am I just standing here?? Move, body, move! My frozen with fear limbs finally manage to free themselves. I grab hold of the grips and pull my blades out.

- Why are you here?!

I stop midstep, startled by the painfully familiar voice.

"Now's not the time to give me lectures, damn it!" the voice inside of me screams.

- Do we really need to do this again, Commander? You can lecture me all you want after this whole mess is taken care of.

I attempt to walk past him, but he grabs my arm.

- No means no, and you need to finally learn that.

I pull my arm away.

- And you need to finally accept that if I want to fight, I will fight, and there's nothing you can do about it! Stop treating me like a damn child!!

I am immediately filled with extreme guilt for shouting, but I send it flying along with my body, as I literally throw myself at the titans, ready to take my anger out on them.

Quite a therapeutic "hobby", don't you think?

I am certain I can imagine Erwin's angry face, but that only helps me fight, while also leaving me very open to surprise titan attacks.

If the situation requires it, I can always turn into a titan, but I don't fancy the idea. I'd rather fight as a human.

My newfound ability is my very last resort, and unless I'm ordered otherwise I don't plan on embracing it.

- Take this, you asshole!

Another unfortunate titan faces my blades. I noticed I've gotten much more agile, and cutting titans down doesn't require as much effort as before. Guess the hard training is finally paying off.

A frightening thought crosses my mind.

"Or maybe you're not as scared anymore now that you're one of them." Well, that quickly chases my adrenaline away.

I climb to a higher spot on the wall, in order to escape an incoming titan attack and catch a breather. That's when I hear a voice, one that I can't recognize.

The words aren't easy to make out at first, as if the person is just now learning how to speak properly. It's like something you'd hear a young child say.

But after a bit the sentence it keeps repeating becomes clear in my mind.

"Kill the leader!"

Did I...just hear...a titan's voice?... I am dumbfounded to say the least, but then my brain finally catches up to the situation.




- Erwin!!

My eyes immediately search for the Commander, until I finally catch a glimpse of him. He's fighting off a titan not too far from me.

For a split second the titan turns its head towards me, and I hear that same voice once more.

"Kill the leader!"

Goosebumps run through my whole body.

- Erwin, get away from there!!

As if time slows down, my movements feel painfully distant, my eyes glued firmly to the figure of the Commander.

Another titan coming from his side distracts Erwin long enough for him to lose sight of his original opponent.

A little more...

The titan opens its big mouth.

Just a bit more...

I pray to make it on time, but my prayers are left unheard. The titan bites down on the Commander's arm, sending droplets of blood flying in the air. My heart stops for a moment.

As if planned, the titan turns around and runs away towards the hole in Wall Maria, clutching Erwin's body tightly between its teeth.


I immediately chase after it, ignoring all other titans on the way.

At this point tears of both anger and pain are falling from my eyes, threatening to hinder my vision, but I couldn't care less.

The Commander is desperately trying to escape, and in one single moment my heart stops once more. He swings his blade and cuts his arm off, freeing himself from the clutches of the titan.

I make it just in time to take hold of his body before it falls to the ground. He's a bit heavy for me to carry, but I do my best to move us both away from the titan.

We land on the nearest house, and I lay him down on the roof.

The sight of the blood and his missing limb makes me sick to my stomach,

but I quickly tear a piece of my sleeve off and wrap it just above the cut as efficiently as my trembling fingers allow me.

The Commander lets out a groan of pain when I tighten the knot on the cloth.

- Forgive me, Erwin.

More tears escape my eyes. I wipe them away.

- This should stop the bleeding for now. I will be back in a bit.

I turn around, only to find the titan has finally realized his prey is missing. It quickly starts to move towards me. The nerve of that fucker.

- You've got guts going against me. I'll shred you to pieces!!

Driven by rage, I move towards the titan quickly, and ram my now dull blades into its eyes, just as it's about to attack me.

I jump away, take out a new pair of blades and proceed to cut down every single limb, until its body hits the ground.

I land on the back of the titan's neck and thrust my blades into the nape, sending a huge chunk of flesh flying. It's not enough...Not even close...My whole body is covered in titan blood.

The rage has taken over every single fiber of my existence, begging to be released. My ears are ringing, and I barely make out the faint voice of the Commander.

- Desi...

It quickly snaps me back, and I make my way to him. The previous feeling of guilt quickly envelops me, the tears flooding my eyes once more.

My body trembling, I embrace the Commander's body in a hug.

- I'm sorry...I'm so sorry...

- What...are you...apologizing for?

Erwin is barely holding on to his consciousness.

- I couldn't come to you on time...I'm so sorry...

- Silly...girl...

I hold the Commander's unconscious body tight, not willing to let go for even a second. I am forced to do so, when I hear a large group of titans approach us from the direction of Wall Rose.

I prepare myself for what's to come, but the titans don't pay me even an ounce of attention and instead run towards Wall Maria.

- What the hell...

- Oi, kid, stop daydreaming!

I quickly turn around.

- Captain!

- Come on, we need to get Erwin to a doctor.

I glance back at the Commander, a tinge of pain running through my body.

- Yes...Yes, Sir!

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