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- YOU FOOLS! All these years you spent inside the Walls under cover, and for what? To be foolishly exposed, and run away from a fight! - I apologize, Chief.

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My Hero Chapter 35

- YOU FOOLS! All these years you spent inside the Walls under cover, and for what? To be foolishly exposed, and run away from a fight!

- I apologize, Chief.

- Your apologies won't fix a thing! The only reason I haven't killed you on the spot is because replacing you and training someone all over again will be a hassle.

But don't think you'll get off easy! What about you? Nothing to say?

- It' fault, Chief.

- Do you think I care whose fault it is? I want results. The people inside the Walls need to be annihilated at all costs.

But since you're both incompetent, I will have to take matters into my own hands. Prepare for a journey back.

- Yes, Chief.

- Oi, Desi, what are you doing out here alone?

- Captain Levi! I apologize, I didn't hear you approach.

- How do you expect to fight on the battlefield, when you don't even sense your enemy?

- Ah, you're right. I will try harder.

- Tch, what's the matter with you anyway? Aren't you supposed to be discussing the plan with the other brats?

- I did...but there were some issues...and we ended up at each other's throats...

I move my gaze down, and away from the Captain.

- Let me guess - Eren Yaeger. He's an idiot, no doubt about it, but why do YOU look so down? You should be in there kicking some brains into him.

A weak smile makes its way on my lips.

- I guess so, but I don't like to use violence.

- Yeah, I know, and it's annoying. Maybe that's why Erwin likes you.

- Maybe.

- Sigh, listen to me. You are a soldier, a good one. I think you can accomplish a lot, but while you're at it, you need to earn the respect of people around you.

And you won't do that by sitting out here alone.

- Captain Levi...are you...trying to comfort me?

- Where did you get that idea from?! It's highly unpleasant to deal with the issues of a bunch of brats all the time, so make sure I don't have to do this again.

- Yes, Sir! And...Thank you, Sir!

I smile at the Captain, and head inside.

Desi's back was turned to him, so she couldn't see it when he smiled back.

- Silly kid.

- What is this all of a sudden, Erwin? A joined mission between the Survey Corps and the Military Police?

Nile Dok was quite surprised, but he also knew Erwin Smith too well, and was highly suspicious of the reason behind his request.

- Don't look at me like that, my friend. It hurts me to see how little trust you have in me.

- Pff, don't make me laugh. Who the hell would believe that with the smirk on your face?

Erwin Smith only laughed in amusement at Nile Dok's comment.

- Seriously, Erwin, what's going on? You are plotting something again, aren't you?

- There is nothing going on. I just figured it would be good training exercise for both parties, that's all.

- You are a terrible liar, you know that? Careful what you do, otherwise it might get you into big trouble.

- Don't worry about me. As long as everything goes according to plan, my absence won't change a thing.

- Whatever makes you sleep better at night.

Nile Dok thought for a bit.

- Alright, I will lend you some of my officers.

- Thank you, my friend. I do have one request, though.

- And what would that be?

- The ones we borrowed from you during our expedition outside the wall have had enough for a while. I don't want to put too much pressure on them, so it will be nice to see some new faces.

- Uh-huh, is that all?

- Annie Leonhart needs to be among those officers.

- Is everyone prepared to leave?

- Yes, Sir.

- How about you?

Captain Levi turns to the members of the Military Police.

- We're ready.

- Good. Let's head out.

I look at Annie and attempt something like a smile, but she just ignores me. Typical Annie. We never really liked each other anyway.

"Don't worry, Annie, after this mission you will like me even less."

We all follow after the Captain. Our pretend mission is all about setting up supply bases around Wall Rose, in case of a future emergency breach in the wall.

It's actually a very important task, and we will do our best, while also keeping an eye on Annie, and moving towards our main goal.

If we can finally capture a titan shifter, there are many things we can learn, and we need this knowledge to aid humanity. No, no Ifs. We HAVE to capture her, at all costs.

I believe we can do it.

We are scattered throughout Karanes District. We have our 3D maneuver gear on, just in case. Besides, it makes moving around much easier and faster.

Even our best horses can't always provide the necessary speed. I've finished setting up a base, so I scout around for the others. I see Armin setting up one himself, and decide to join him.

- Hey, Armin.

I wave to him, and move closer.

- Oh, hey, Desi. Do you need something?

- Ah, no, I just came to help you.

- That would be great! Thank you.

- No worries.

While assisting him, I lean a bit closer, so no one else can hear.

- "How is the situation?"

- "So far everything is going according to plan. She doesn't seem to suspect anything, but we can't be too careful. Sasha and Connie have volunteered to spread the rumor around."

- "Ah, that actually sounds perfect. Out of all of us, I think they will look the least suspicious."

- "Yes, I think the same way."

I go back to speaking normally.

- You look quite nervous, are you feeling alright?

- Ah, yes, I'll be fine. I'm just...

Armin makes a brief pause.

- Worried about possible titan attacks, you know. With everything that's been going on recently, it's no wonder. Who knows, there might be another traitor among us.

I don't need to look behind me, to know there's someone from the Military Police in close proximity to us. Nice save, Armin! I join in.

- Hmm, that is possible. I mean, there's no way Reiner and Bertolt were working alone. I don't even want to think about what it's like to be tortured underground.

I am sure right now they regret their actions.

I can hear the two members of the Military Police, who start to whisper among themselves. Bingo!

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