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I am on my way to the Scouts' Headquarters, where I am to speak with Eren, Mikasa, Jean, Armin, Sasha and Connie. We are the assigned team for the secret mission to uncover Annie's true identity. Our task is to make sure she doesn't suspect anything, and provoke her to make a move.

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My Hero Chapter 34

I am on my way to the Scouts' Headquarters, where I am to speak with Eren, Mikasa, Jean, Armin, Sasha and Connie.

We are the assigned team for the secret mission to uncover Annie's true identity. Our task is to make sure she doesn't suspect anything, and provoke her to make a move.

Right now Hanji-san is working on positioning her new invention in hidden places throughout the territory of Wall Rose.

In case something goes wrong with either our plan, or Hanji's trap, Eren will work as plan B and transform into a titan.

If that also fails, since last time he couldn't stand a chance against the Female Titan, Captain Levi and Mikasa will be prepared to fight against her.

The Commander asked me to be very careful, but there is no way I'm staying on the sidelines. I respect his opinion, but I'm a soldier and will be ready to fight when a need for that occurs.

And I am more than certain it will.

- Good morning, everyone.

- Morning, Desi.

I join them for breakfast, and explain the whole plan while we eat. Eren still behaves coldly. Unlucky for him, he currently has no other choice, but to listen to me carefully.

We will have to work together on this mission, whether he likes it or not. He has been silent so far, but it looks like something is bugging him, so he finally speaks up.

- How can you be so certain Annie is the Female Titan?

- I am not 100 % sure it's her, but all clues point to...

- And we are supposed to just take your word for it?!?

- Eren, there is no need to get angry...

- On the contrary! You've been behaving strange ever since we got kidnapped. I wouldn't be surprised if you turned out to be...

- I dare you to finish that sentence!!

But he doesn't say a word. I bet he didn't expect me to respond like this. I get up from my spot.

- What's wrong, Eren?? I thought you were angry. Tell me, what am I? A traitor? An enemy of humanity? Or maybe I'm just another titan-shifter, who plans to trick you for my own selfish desires??

- Hey, hey, Desi, calm down.

- I can't do that, Jean. If Eren wants to deal with this issue now, let's do it.

Let's get it over with, and focus on what's more important, because I am getting very tired of his attitude! Eren, you think everything can be solved by screaming in each other's faces?

I suggest you learn basic human manners first!

Everyone is quiet, and doesn't dare say a thing. I sit back down.

- Can we please continue with the plan for our mission now?

- Sure, Desi.

Armin is the one who answers me. The mood shifted greatly. Just "perfect".

- Excuse me for a bit, I need some fresh air.

I proceed to stand up.

- Don't follow me, Jean.

I stop him in his tracks.

- ...Fine.

After Desi left the room, Jean immediately began to scold Eren.

- Are you out of your damn mind?? You do realize she saved your ass, don't you?

- What the hell do you mean??

- First of all, she's the one who found out the true identities of Reiner and Bertolt and while most of us might have ended up confused and unable to do anything,

she immediately found a way to report it to the Commander. Second of all - she is the one who risked her life to convince Reiner and Bertolt to leave without you.

Doesn't matter how you behaved, she always tried to help you. That's what she does all the time - she goes around and helps whoever she can.

She almost died because of you in Trost District, but did she ever hold you responsible? No, she was happy the mission was successful. That's who she is, and that's how she does things.

So, instead of being a huge asshole, maybe you can at least show some gratitude.

- But...she still treated Reiner and Bertolt like friends, even after she learned the truth...

- Of course she would! All of us, we were together for a long time, and she was especially close to the two of them.

How would you feel if, for example, Mikasa and Armin turn out to be enemies of humanity? Wouldn't you defend them?

- But that's different!

- And why the hell is that different?!?

- Because...

- You are doing the same with Annie, you know.

- Huh?

- When Desi first mentioned that Annie might be the Female Titan, I saw the shock in your eyes.

You don't want to believe it, and if it's true, you probably will refuse to fight against her, won't you?

In this situation you and Desi are very alike, so either live with it or learn to live with it. I, for one, am very tired of you behaving like a child.

Eren scoffed in irritation, but there was nothing he could say against Jean's words.

- Guys, I don't think we should fight this much. We are not getting anywhere.

- I'm sorry, Armin, but these issues need to be addressed once and for all, so we can move on from them, and do good when duty calls for it.

- Yes, you're right, Jean.

- Eren, are you alright?

He ignored Mikasa's question, his mind too occupied with different thoughts.

- Soooo, who's still hungry?? I know I am!

Everyone looked at Sasha like she wasn't right in the head.

- What?? It's always a good time to eat delicious food!

- We just finished breakfast! How is it that you're still hungry?

Connie asked Sasha.

- I simply enjoy delicious food, and like to talk about it. I don't think that's something bad!

- Whatever you say.

Connie shook his head.

- Maybe, if you take my example and eat a bit more, you might grow taller!

- What is that supposed to mean, Sasha??

- Not you guys as well...

Armin sighed. Right when they needed to be united as one, the biggest arguments had to occur.

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