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We walk, or more like run down the familiar corridor. We are about to make a turn when we are faced with Captain Levi, who is obviously in a hurry. - There you are, Erwin. Seriously, it’s almost impossible to get a hold of you. I wish you would stop making everyone chase you around.

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My Hero Chapter 21

We walk, or more like run down the familiar corridor. We are about to make a turn when we are faced with Captain Levi, who is obviously in a hurry.

- There you are, Erwin. Seriously, it’s almost impossible to get a hold of you. I wish you would stop making everyone chase you around.

Tch, if you two are done playing around like horny teenagers, we have a situation on our hands.

- Again? But we just plugged the gate.

I can’t help but speak up.

- Not that kind of situation. Another titan showed up.

- Another Titan? What do you mean, Levi?

- Another Titan like Eren.

What the…

- The Titan climbed all the way up to Wall Rose.

The Commander turns to me.

- Desi, go tell everyone else, and get your gear. Me and Levi will meet you there in 15 minutes.

- Yes, Commander!

When I make it down to the Survey Corps headquarters, some are still celebrating, while others are taking a rest. My eyes instinctively search for Jean, and I find him almost immediately.

I’ve been running so fast, that I can’t manage even a single word.

- Desi, what’s wrong?

- Jean…Jean…It’s an emergency.

- An emergency? What happened??

- Another Titan…Another Titan showed up.

- Huh? What do you mean?

I finally manage to form a coherent sentence.

- Another Titan like Eren showed up, and it climbed on top of Wall Rose.

- Excuse me??

- We need to gather everyone, and prepare ourselves for battle. The Captain and Commander are on their way here.

- You’ve gotta be kidding me…Let’s split up – you go tell the girls, some left to go to bed, and I’ll tell the guys.

- Alright.

We notify everyone, and in no time we are all dressed up and wearing our equipment, just like we were always trained to react in an emergency situation.

The Captain and Commander make it down shortly afterwards.

- Alright, listen up. Like you’ve already been told, a new Titan showed up, and started climbing Wall Rose.

According to those, who witnessed its actions, it’s been up there ever since, and is probably waiting for us to show up. Whatever is going on, I can assure you it’s a trap.

And we are going to walk right into it. We can’t risk endangering the civilians in Wall Rose, so we don’t have any other choice but to go up against the Titan.

The Military Police and the Garisson will proceed to escort all citizens, and we have to buy them enough time.

I need you all to be very careful, as we still don’t know what it’s capable of, and can expect anything. We need the human inside the titan alive, so no attempts to kill it.

We have to capture the Titan, or cut the human out and capture them. Is that clear?

- Yes, Sir!

- A Titan capturing mission! Finally!

We all turn our shocked gazes towards Squad Leader Hanji.

- Umm, Hanji-san, you’re drooling.

Squad vice Captain Moblit Berner points out to her. Commander Smith clears his throat.

- We had one big victory today, let’s make them two!!

- Yes, Sir!!

Before I follow the rest of the Survey Corps, I go back to Commander Smith and hand him a piece of paper.

- What is this, Desi?

- I didn’t have time to talk to you about this earlier, for reasons…If anything were to happen to me, read it.

- Wait, Desi!

But I am already running ahead.

- Come on, Erwin, time to go.

- Yes, Levi.

Erwin stares at the folded note in his hand and puts it away inside his pocket.

- There it is!

We all turn our gazes to the female Titan up on the wall. It’s still not moving an inch. We assemble in groups, just like we were instructed.

“Who are you and what the hell are you planning?” I think to myself. I turn to the rest of my group.

- That is definitely a human inside a Titan, no doubt about it.

To make it this far without anyone noticing, it’s not from outside…No…it probably came from inside Wall Rose, which means there’s a traitor amongst us.

No one seems to be missing from the Survey Corps, which can only mean it’s someone either from the Military Police or the Garrison.

Armin seems to have come to the same conclusion as me, because he agrees, and continues my thoughts.

- The question is what does it want? And what was so important it needed to show up during the night, and wait for us?

- No other way to find that out, but to capture it.

We all agree, and wait for our orders.

- Alright, everyone, just like we talked. We will attack the Titan from all sides, and look for an opening. Our aim is to destroy its limbs and capture it. Let’s go!

- Yes, Sir!!

As we proceed to make our move, I expect the Titan to at least react in any way, but it’s still watching us, or rather studying our actions.

- It’s going to jump!

I can hear Armin shout next to me, but not everyone hears him on time. At the next second the Female Titan jumps all the way down from the wall, and starts to run fast towards us.

Some of the Survey Corps members that were ahead of us end up being crushed by her legs.

- Move away, everyone!

I shout at my group, and we split up to avoid her. How the hell did she even make that fall with her legs intact? The wall is 50 damn meters tall.

Even Eren lost a hand in his titan form when he hit that house instead of Mikasa. Alright, I will go for her legs first.

I aim for her leg, but then she stops in her tracks, looks up at me and I know I’ve screwed up. She pulls on the wire for my hook and sends me flying towards one of the houses.

- What…the…hell!

She didn’t use a lot of strength, but my back still hits the roof quite hard and a few of the tiles break from the collision.

“Fuck, that hurts!” But what hurts more is when I look up, and see her mercilessly kill the Survey Corps one by one as they try to attack her in any way.

- No…no…Stop, you titan bitch!

I gather all my strength, and go after her once more. I don’t care about the mission anymore, as long as I can save them.

I aim for her neck, but once I do, she notices me and the skin on it changes.

- What the…

Doesn’t matter, she’s going down! The second my blades touch the nape of her neck, they break in two. The broken parts shine in front of my eyes, before they fall down on the ground.

I quickly move away.

- Damn it, Erwin, my people are dying one by one!

- I know, but you need to wait for an opening. If we lose you, we won’t stand a chance.

- Do you have that little trust in my abilities?

- Of course not, but I don’t want to take an unnecessary risk.

- Then what do you want me to do? Just stay here??

- For now, yes.

- What about Eren? Can’t we use the brat’s power?

- You know very well we can’t use his ability right now, after what happened today.

- Tch! No wonder the Titan attacked at this moment. It knew very well what it was doing.

Only by mere luck do I evade another one of the Female Titan’s attacks. My body feels heavy and tired. I managed to make a few cuts on her legs, but that’s about it. She moves way too fast.

Her fighting style looks familiar, but I don’t have time to dwell on that.

- Who are you to walk in here and kill everyone?! I’m going to put an end to you!

Eren bites his hand, and transforms. After what happened today, I’m very worried. But this time it seems like Eren is in control. However, the Female Titan is too strong for him.

He can’t manage to land a single blow. All houses around them get completely destroyed in their fight. All we can do is watch their fight, and stay away so we don’t get crushed.

- That damn brat!! Is he out of his fucking mind?! He disobeyed orders, and is getting his ass kicked! I’m going in, Erwin!

- Be careful, Levi.

“Who are you?” Erwin thought to himself while his eyes followed the Female Titan.

Captain Levi is making his way here. What is he even planning to do? He might get crushed, if he gets too close. The Eren Titan keeps trying to fight with the Female Titan, but it’s no use.

With one last kick, the Female Titan severs his head from his body, and he falls on the ground. She kneels in front of him.

Wait…that’s what she’s after! She needs Eren! She bites him out of the titan body, and swallows him carefully, as not to hurt him.

No, she didn’t swallow him; she probably keeps him in her mouth. She stands up and proceeds to run away, in the direction of the wall. I follow after her.

- Oh, no, you don’t!

I hear Captain Levi’s voice, and he goes for an attack. Wow, he’s fast…The Female titan can’t even manage to harden her skin, and he lands cut after cut on her body.

At that point a loud crush startles me. It comes from the inner gate of Wall Rose. As the dust cloud begins to clear up a bit, I see him, and my mind goes back to the memory from the year 845.

The Armored Titan…I can see him clearly, just like back then. Captain Levi stops attacking the Female Titan, and is forced to retreat.

That was the plan, wasn’t it? The Female Titan had to kidnap Eren, and the Armored Titan would make an escape path for her. The Armored Titan suddenly turns to look at me.

Shivers run all over my body, and I turn around to run away, but I don’t make it far. The Armored Titan’s hand grabs me mid-air.

Its hold on me is strong enough, so I can’t escape, but not too strong so it doesn’t crush me. The Female Titan escapes through the broken gate, and the Armored Titan moves after her.

Where...where are they taking us?

- Erwin…

Tears run down my face, before I lose consciousness.

- Desi…

Commander Smith watched in shock as the Titans disappeared in the distance.

- Follow after them!!!

But it’s no use. Once the Survey Corps made it to Trost District’s plugged gate, there was no sign of the two titans. It’s like they vanished in thin air, along with their hostages.

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