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Chapter 20 my hero stories

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I’ve been walking on instinct, still not sure if I should even be there, and I don’t even realize I’ve already reached the door to his office. I stand in front of it, but don’t dare move a muscle. I followed my heart, but I’m still very scared. Of what, I’m not really sure.

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My Hero Chapter 20

I’ve been walking on instinct. I’m still not sure whether I should be there, and I don’t even realize I’ve already reached the door to his office.

I stand in front of it, but don’t dare move a muscle. I followed my heart, but I’m still very scared. Of what, I’m not really sure.

Erwin Smith still feels like the forbidden fruit, and I’m the Eve, who keeps biting from it, but refuse to give it up, or let it go.

On one hand I respect him, but on the other I…Damn, this is impossible.

- Oh, hey, hey, Desi!

- Eep!

I jump in my spot. My heart is threatening to leap out of my chest.

- Did I scare you?

- H-Hanji-san, it’s you. Yes, a bit, I was deep in thought.

- Did Erwin scold you, or something?

- Ah, no, no. I actually haven’t spoken with the Commander yet.

- Hm? Are you afraid of something? You look very nervous.

- Yes, a bit actually.

- I wouldn’t worry, if I were you. Erwin is a nice guy.

- Yes, you’re right, Hanji-san.

Erwin Smith couldn’t help overhear the conversation, going on outside his office. He didn’t catch all of it, but he was able to recognize the voices of Hanji and Desi.

He waited patiently, until it got quiet again.

“I wonder if she will decide to knock. Well, if she doesn’t, I will just have to go get her myself.”

Erwin waited for about a minute, and got up from his spot. He walked towards the door, and opened it.

- W-why does everyone keep scaring me like this??

I was just about to knock when the Commander suddenly opens the door. He chuckles at my annoyed pout.

- I’m sorry, my dear, I wanted to make sure you won’t walk away.

I study his face, and gasp in surprise.

- Since when do you wear glasses?

- Ah, these. My eyes were getting tired from all the paperwork for today’s mission. I don’t wear them too often. Do I look bad with them?

- NO, not at all.

I gulp hard. On the contrary.

- But, wait. You knew I was here?

- Of course I did. You two weren’t exactly quiet.

- Ah, I see.

- Do you want to come in?

- I don’t know…Should I?

- I think you already know the answer.

- I guess I do.

I slowly make it inside, and Erwin closes the door behind me. I hear him turn the key and lock the door. I immediately turn around, and see him make his way towards me.

I move back with quick steps, but soon there is nowhere else for me to go, and my back hits his desk. He completely blocks my escape path, and hovers over me.

How come I always end up in this position?

- Don’t tell me you didn’t think this would happen, if you come here, Desi?

- I…I didn’t know

- Don’t lie, my dear.

I can feel his hot breath against my flushed cheek.

- Erwin, stop this.

- You know very well I can’t.

His lips brush against my ear. The mere contact makes me shiver.

- And you know you want this as well. Otherwise, why would you come see me?

- Not everything is about sex!

- I’m not talking about sex, Desi.

I’ve been keeping my gaze away, but I finally look at him.

- We both have the need to be close to each other. Even when we attempt to be away from one another, we end up here.

- That’s because…we need to try harder!

- Oh, that’s not true, and you know it just as well as me.

- Erwin…

I slowly give in, it was obvious I will.

- Erwin, what I feel for you…

But he places a finger on my lips, thus interrupting me mid-sentence.

- I know. You don’t need to say the words. I feel the same way.

My heart swells from happiness upon hearing his confession. I feel betrayed by my own feelings. Why does it have to be so hard? Who knows, maybe if it wasn’t, the feeling wouldn’t be this strong.

- Desi, ever since I felt the taste of your lips for the first time, I’ve wanted nothing more but to lock you away and keep you for myself.

My expression changes to a scared one.

- No, no, I wouldn’t really do it, but I am trying hard to hold back. It all depends on you.

- That is so not fair!

- I never knew I could be such a possessive man, but I can’t think straight when it comes to you.

The Commander lifts me up in his arms, and places me to sit up on the desk. He whispers seductively in my ear.

- Be mine, Desi.

“Oh, God, I’m so screwed”.

Before I can summon any kind of answer, Erwin bites my ear playfully and my thoughts get all jumbled up.

“Oh, no, you don’t, you won’t be the one in charge this time.” I push against his body to get a bit of space to breathe properly. I look up at him, and kiss him first.

My kiss probably seems impatient, because it catches him off guard, but that doesn’t last long. I wrap my arms around his neck, and he wraps his own around my body.

I can feel his glasses press against my face every time I deepen the kiss, but it doesn’t bother me. But it seems like it bothers Erwin, because he stops the kiss and proceeds to remove them.

- No, don’t! I mean…

- Do you have a thing for men with glasses, Desi?


- Maybe…

“Damn it, wipe that amused smirk off your face!”

- In that case, I will keep them on, but only as long as they don’t get in the way.

- Thank you.

- Did I embarrass you, my dear?

- Don’t ask me questions you already know the answer to.

- How about we stop talking then? We have more important stuff to do anyway.

I only nod. I need a way to embarrass him as well, and there’s one idea that makes its way in my mind. I jump down from the desk, and grab his hand, taking him to the sofa.

- Sit down, Erwin.

I try to imitate his Commander voice, but I doubt I succeed.

- What are you trying to do, Desi?

- Sit down, and you’ll see.

- Alright then.

He finally obeys, and gets comfortable. Alright, Desi, you can do this. I get down on my knees and position myself.

- No, you don’t need to do that, Desi.

He extends his arms towards me.

- I swear, Erwin, if you stop me, I will walk out of the door.

- It’s locked.

- So? I will unlock it.

He finally moves his arms away.

- Alright, I’ll be good.

I smirk triumphantly. Last time he stopped me, but now it’s my turn. I run my fingers along the visible bulge in his pants. This view is sexier than I would ever admit out loud.

Since when have I become so naughty? It’s because of this man right here. I squeeze the bulge lightly, and his body flinches.

- You won’t be able to use these pants tomorrow, Erwin.

And before he can ask me why, I lick along the whole length of his member, starting from the bottom, leaving a big wet spot. When I reach the top, I gently nibble on it through the fabric.

I can feel it twitching.

- Desi, don’t tease me like this. Just take it out…please.

The Commander begging like this is an incredible turn-on.

- Only because you said “Please”.

I remember what he did last time while undressing me, and decide to repeat the action. I hold the zipper of his pants between my teeth and slowly pull it down. It has the desired effect on Erwin.

- You play dirty, my dear.

- I learn from you, Commander.

I slide the pants down his legs, and study his slightly wet underwear. So cute, in a very naughty way. Once I remove those as well, I stroke the head which seems to be quite wet with pre-cum.

I want to have a taste, so I lick it clean. Tastes salty, but it’s not so bad. The Commander moans slightly, and when I capture the head between my lips and suck on it, he throbs in my mouth.

I move my gaze up to his face. Once I notice him blushing, I know I’ve won. I continue with my actions, and fill my mouth to the brim with his length, my hand moving in sync with my lips.

Ah, his sweet moans are filling my ears.

- Desi, stop!

His arms fly to my shoulders and I look up at him.

- Was it bad?

- No, not at all, it feels too good. That’s why we should stop.

I look at him confused and a bit anxious, while he pulls his underwear and pants back up. Afterwards, he turns to me and takes my hand.

- Come with me.

- Where are we going?

- You’ll see.

He unlocks the door, and I follow him outside.

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