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                        Chapter 26               my hero stories

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Mikasa took down a 7m abnormal titan at the entrance to the forest, and returned to her horse. - Seems like there are no other titans for now, Captain.

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My Hero Chapter 26

Mikasa took down a 7m abnormal titan at the entrance to the forest, and returned to her horse.

- Seems like there are no other titans for now, Captain.

- Good work, Mikasa. We are bound to meet more inside.

She just nodded slightly.

- Oi, Mikasa. Keep your head up. You will see Eren soon.

- Yes, you’re right, Captain.

- Erwin, all scouts made it here. We can’t lose any more time.

- Understood, Levi. Alright, everyone, time to enter the forest. Onward!

Quite a few titans have gathered under the tree I’m on. It feels like they’re waiting for me to fall, just so they can eat me. I get goose bumps from the terrifying thought.

I wonder what happened to the Survey Corps. I hope they’re safe. There’s nothing more I can do right now.

I feel so useless…First I got myself kidnapped, then I let Reiner and Bertolt get away with Eren,

and now I’m just sitting and waiting to be rescued…It’s not like I had much choice in the matter, but it still feels horrible. Bertolt, huh? I wonder what his titan form is. And then it hits me.

“He’s the Colossal Titan, isn’t he? With his height, and the fact he came together with the Armored Titan, no wonder."

I don’t even notice I’ve regained a bit more of my memory. I shouldn’t be able to remember anything before meeting Reiner/The Armored Titan. I look down at the titans.

- Sorry, fellas, but I don’t plan to become your meal.

I’m so lucky they can’t climb trees. I sure hope they can’t learn to do so either…Another very terrifying thought.

Suddenly, most of the titans forget about me and head in the opposite direction, towards the entrance of the forest. That can only mean one thing.

- A group of titans is approaching! Take them down!

Erwin Smith’s voice reverberated around the forest. The titans fell one by one under the hands of the Scouts.

- Levi, take your squad and head towards the end of the forest as fast as you can. I’m afraid we won’t be able to catch up to Reiner and Bertolt, if we get delayed here for too long.

- Got it.

Mikasa quickly approached the Commander.

- Sir, I want to join them as well.

- That’s not possible. You are one of the strongest members of the Survey Corps. I need you here.

- But, Sir…

- I understand your worries, but you will just have to trust Levi. Can you do that?

- Yes…yes, I can.

- Good, now we need to go.

I carefully get up. I’m certain I heard his voice. Just a bit more and I’ll see him again…

I notice someone else approach me, a group of them actually.

- Captain Levi, there are a couple of titans around a tree up ahead, and there seems to be a human up there.

Petra notified the Captain.

- Alright, Squad Levi, let’s get rid of them.

No doubt about it, that’s definitely Captain Levi’s squad. I hold onto the tree just in case, while they kill the titans one by one. And then someone climbs it and lands next to me.

- Captain Levi!

I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to see him.

- Oi, Desi, what are you doing up here? Where’s Eren?

- He was…Reiner and Bertolt left me here, and they went on ahead with Eren. Reiner told me they are going to take him to their village, whatever that means.

- Tch, so troublesome. I’m glad you’re safe, at least. Erwin is on his way.

And with that, Captain Levi leaves me and joins his squad on the way out of the forest. I luckily don’t have to wait much longer.

- Commander Smith, there is someone on one of the trees up ahead.

A scout pointed out, and Erwin looked up, his gaze searching around. And then he saw her. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

- Desi…

- Erwin…

I can’t contain my happiness when the Commander hurries up to me. The happy tears are falling freely from my eyes.

I want to hug him, I want to just sink in his strong arms, but this isn’t the appropriate time and place. For now I’ll settle for the loving look in his eyes.

- My little girl, you’re safe.

- Erwin, I missed you so much.

- So did I, my dear.

He carefully takes a hold of my body, and we make it down the tree.

- You will ride together with me.

- But, Commander…

- It’s an order.

I can’t help but smile.

- Yes, Sir.

He helps me climb up, and positions himself behind me. Damn, this is embarrassing. The Commander turns to the Survey Corps, who await his orders.

- Alright, everyone. Let’s go get Eren back!

- Yes, Sir!

When we start moving, the Commander whispers in my ear.

“Once we go back inside the Walls, I will make sure to punish you properly for leaving my side.”

It’s a good thing he can’t see my face, because it grows hot, all the way up to my ears. I can feel the fast beating of his heart against my back. It fills my whole being with pure joy.

“Gosh, I’ve missed this man so much.”

“That damn old geezer, doing whatever he pleases in a situation like this” were just some of the thoughts going through Jean’s mind after he saw Desi again.

“Well, at least she’s safe.”

A smile of relief painted his features.

- Reiner, we need to hurry up, if we don’t want the Survey Corps to catch up to us.

- I know, I know, Bertolt, It’s not like I could do anything with all those trees in my way.

They had reached the end of the forest, and in front of them laid a vast field.

- Perfect.

Reiner changed to his titan form, and Bertolt jumped on his shoulder, Eren tied securely to his back.

At one point Bertolt had gotten tired of Eren’s screams and shut him up by tying a piece of cloth around his mouth. The Armored Titan started running ahead in a quick pace.

- Captain Levi!

- Yes, I saw it, too. Our targets have finally decided to make things more interesting. Let’s show them what we’re made of!


Captain Levi and his squad called for their horses, which followed after them obediently all the way through the forest, and prepared themselves for battle.

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