My Hero Chapter 40
My Hero 

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I've never been to a court room before, and I consider that a good thing. To be honest, I don't want to ever set foot here again. Yes, these silly thoughts manage to keep me sane in the current situation. Much better than freaking out, because let's face it - that would be a pretty damn obvious reaction.

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My Hero Chapter 40

I've never been to a court room before, and I consider that a good thing. To be honest, I don't want to ever set foot here again.

Yes, these silly thoughts manage to keep me sane in the current situation. Much better than freaking out, because let's face it - that would be a pretty damn obvious reaction.

The room has a simple setting. In front of me is the big desk - the place for Premier Zachary Dalis.

On my left are the members of the Survey Corps, on my right - the Military Police along with, oh, Pastor Nick. Just great, what we need the most now is a complete lunatic.

Behind me are the Garrison and citizens, seated down on wooden benches. Among the citizens I can spot Dimo Reeves - the owner of a merchant group named after him.

I know him all too well, and I can't stand the sight of that selfish old man.

Me, Commander Smith and Eren, positioned in this order,

are bound with handcuffs to metal poles in the middle of the room - exposed in front of everyone like we're some kind of scientific experiment.

What I can't stand the most is the way they look at us - some with fear, others with hate and disgust.

The only ones who are on our side are the Survey Corps, but I'm afraid they might not be enough to turn the situation around.

I can't even bear to look at the Commander - I'm afraid that if I do, the fake courage I've been building up so far will crumble to dust.

Even so, I feel his gaze on me, it's like a magnet, and all my efforts give way to the invisible power he has on me. I look his way; it's only natural at this point.

This may be the last time I meet the blue eyes and smile I love so much, so in the end it's worth it. He whispers words, meant for me alone.

- Watashi o shinjite! (Trust me!)

That's all I need, it's that simple. These words fill me up with courage and hope, and I'm happy. I smile like a complete idiot in a room full of people, who fear and hate me.

I smile like my life is perfect, and nothing they do can ever harm me. Their existence pales in comparison with Erwin's warmth.

That's right; this is no time for self-pity, and certainly no time for giving up. Both me and Eren, we're here to prove our worth in the battle against titans. We aren't the enemy.

If anyone thinks otherwise, they are the true enemy of humankind. I can hear all kinds of discussions going on around us, but I try to pay them no mind.

Everyone goes quiet when Premier Zachary Dalis enters the room, and makes his way towards his spot. Everyone is listening carefully.

- We are gathered here today to deal with a very pressing issue. As you all know, recently we were faced with quite a few cases of soldiers with the power to turn themselves to titans.

- Soldiers?? You mean monsters! - Someone from behind me shouts.

- Be quiet, or I'll remove you from the room! - is the Premier's response.

This time the man remains silent.

- One question, well, a few questions to be exact, still stand: Can we really trust our soldiers? Are they allies or enemies? What is their true purpose? Why do they posses such power?

In a recent mission to re-capture Trost District Eren Yaeger proved himself useful by plugging the hole created by the Colossal Titan,

but he also endangered the lives of other members of the Survey Corps.

During a secret mission yesterday, the knowledge of which was only shared between the Survey Corps and the Military Police Desi helped with the capture of the Female Titan,

another titan shifter and a traitor. But because of this secret mission the lives of many citizens were endangered, and parts of Kalanes District suffered destruction during the process.

The one, who deemed himself responsible and took the whole blame is none other than Commander Erwin Smith.

According to him, this was a good way to get rid of the traitor among us as soon as possible.

- Rubbish! How many people became titan food, because of this man??

The man turned to the Commander.

- Don't you have any shame?!

His words pierce my chest. Where have I heard them before? They awaken rage deep within me. I quickly speak up.

- Premier, may I say a few words?

- When the time for that comes, yes.

- Understood, Sir...

I try to calm myself down as much as possible, but I can't help biting my lips in frustration. The Premier continues with his speech.

- This is my last warning: If someone else interrupts me, they will be kicked out immediately.

I can't believe these people don't even know how to act during a trial. They're like complete savages, and yet we are considered monsters.

- To sum it all up, these are the reasons why Eren Yaeger, Desi and Commander Erwin Smith are facing the court today.

I will ask everyone, who takes part in today's trial, to remain unprejudiced and support their statements with solid evidence.

- Are you asking us to treat these monsters like humans?!?

- Pastor Nick! I think I made myself clear before. Get him out of here!

- Don't touch me with your dirty hands! I am a man of the Church!

His shouts can be heard for quite a while, before silence envelops the court room once more. I sigh. Is this a joke, or something? Sure feels like it.

"At least that clown is out of here."

I turn my attention back to the Premier.

- Commander Nile Dok, I will ask you to speak first and lay out your testimony.

- Yes, Sir. Two days ago Commander Erwin Smith called me for a meeting between the two of us.

On this said meeting, we discussed his idea for a joined mission between the Survey Corps and the Military Police.

He didn't give me a clear idea behind this sudden decision, but according to him and I quote "It would be good training exercise for both parties".

The only thing he asked for was a specific officer to be present during the mission. I wasn't sure of the reason behind his request, but now it's perfectly clear.

Apparently, he was suspicious of that same officer, and as it turns out his suspicions were correct.

- Did you believe his words?

- Not entirely. But I had no good reason to decline, so I accepted his offer.

- What really happened on the day of the mission?

- When I arrived in Kalanes District, the two Titans were already fighting. I learned their true identities from one of my officers.

I arrested Commander Erwin Smith, just as you instructed, and took on the command of the operation.

In the end, the mission was successful and the traitor was captured, except for the fact we can't interrogate her currently,

and we didn't suffer any casualties both amongst the citizens and soldiers. We only suffered property damage.

- Can we count on our captive to give us more information about the nature of the titans?

- Unfortunately, that's impossible. Just before she was captured, she sealed herself in a giant crystal block, and we don't know how to break it.

- Where is that person now?

- If I may answer that, Premier.

Hanji-san speaks up.

- Go ahead.

- We moved that person underground, where by your consent my team and I will do our best to come up with a way to get her out of there, and find out all the secrets she's hiding.

- You have my permission, Squad Leader Hanji Zoe.

- Thank you, Sir.

- Commander Nile Dok, were either Eren or Desi any threat to humanity during yesterday's mission?

- No, Sir, Eren Yaeger didn't even transform. Desi was the only one in titan form and from what I saw she only fought with the Female Titan.

- I see. Is that all you can tell me, Commander Nile Dok?

- That is all I know.

- Alright, in that case, it's your turn to speak, Commander Pixis Dot.

The Commander clears his throat.

- We were informed of the mission by Commander Erwin Smith.

According to him, the Survey Corps and Military Police were working together to set up supply bases around Kalanes District in case of a possible wall breach.

We explained the situation to the citizens, and asked both parties not to disturb each other. Everything was peaceful until the appearance of the Female Titan.

We began immediate evacuation of all citizens. Luckily, the Female Titan didn't show any interest in them, her only target were the Survey Corps.

- Did you witness the fight between Desi and the Female titan?

- Unfortunately, no. I was called by the King himself. He had business with me, but I'm afraid I can't say any more than this.

- I understand. Would you consider Eren Yaeger and Desi a threat to humanity?

- Hmm, I already put my trust in Yaeger before he plugged the hole in Wall Rose.

In my personal opinion, these young people can be very useful and we are looking at a golden opportunity to finally be victorious against Titans.

- Thank you, Commander Pixis Dot.

I've never known how long a trial can take. Everything is going smoothly so far, but I don't dare relax just yet. Who knows what their final decision will be?

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