My heart can't let you go Chapter 2
My heart can't let you go 

Chapter 2 main character stories

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Basically, this story is based on the way I felt after completing Jumin's route for the first time and achieving the happy ending. I love my Mystic Messenger boys! <3 The story is told from the point of view of the MC.


This chapter contains a few things Jumin has said to MC during his route and happy ending.
I know it's not much of a spoiler, but it's still something that took place in the game.

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My heart can't let you go Chapter 2

- Assistant Kang, how are MC and Luciel doing? – Jumin asked, just as his assistant left a report on his desk.

- Oh, I was actually in the chatroom with them a minute ago. They seem to be in high spirits, and even posted a photo, on which they are together.

- I see. I will open the chatroom soon, right after I’m done with this report. Thank you, Assistant Kang. You can go back to work.

- Yes, Sir.

Jumin did say that, but he was very curious about MC’s appearance. He had gotten quite close to her in the few days they have known each other.

He didn’t have a habit of allowing people into his personal life, but MC felt different, like she was special. Jumin was actually very interested as to what exactly she finds in Luciel.

Maybe, unlike the rest of them, she actually understood what the peculiar hacker was all about. Jumin smiled to himself, and closed the folder with the report.

He wasn’t really paying attention to it anyway.

- “Work will have to wait just a bit” – He thought to himself, surprised by his own inability to focus on his duties.

Jumin grabbed his phone, and opened the RFA app.

He started reading the conversations he missed, just like he always did, and once he finally glanced upon the photo of the couple, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

- That’s not possible…Is it?

Jumin furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

- But, if she’s MC, then why….

Jumin stopped to think for a bit.

- Hmm, that explains why she knew my name and her manner of speaking, but why would she come to C & R of all places, and run away from me? I was just someone she met recently.

Unless…there is something more I don’t know. Tch, I can’t just sit around in attempts to figure out the mystery by myself.

Jumin completely forgot about his report, while he waited for the person he was calling to pick up. He let out a deep breath when he heard the voice of his friend.

- Hello, V. I apologize if I disturbed you, but I have something to ask you, and it can’t wait. I…need you to tell me the address to Rika’s apartment.

Yes, I am aware that’s classified information. I wouldn’t be asking you for it, unless I had a very good reason to do so.

I have to speak with MC in person before she leaves tomorrow with Luciel. V…don’t make me call Luciel...

I know I can get the address out of him in exchange for… - Jumin gulped hard – a day with…Elizabeth the 3rd…Yes, V, it really is that important. Thank you…You can trust me with the information.

I promise you, I won’t let anything bad happen to either one of them. Stay safe yourself, V.

Jumin hung up.

- I know I promised you, but I myself don’t know what will happen after I learn the truth…Still, it could be something completely trivial. Yes, that’s probably it.

I don’t even know why I’m going to such lengths…All I am sure of is that I want to know the truth, whatever it is.

Jumin notified Driver Kim about his departure, and exited his office afterwards.

- Assistant Kang, re-schedule all my meetings, and leave all important and pending documents on my desk. I will catch up on all my work tomorrow.

- W-wait, Mr. Han! Those are important meetings! - Jaehee jumped up.

But Jumin didn’t wait for her to finish, neither did he pay any attention to her attempts to call out to him.

Jaehee slumped back in her chair with a terrified expression.

- What is he up to now…? – She took a deep breath, and began to make all the required calls.

- Saeyoung, dear, do you mind opening the door? My hands are full at the moment. – MC called out to him from the kitchen.

- Alright, no worries! – He answered her, and headed for the front door.

“I wonder who that could be”, Seven thought to himself.

- What?!? Jumin…What are you doing here?!?

- Hello, Luciel.

- Don’t “Hello” me! How do you know the address?!?

- V gave it to me.

- What…that’s not possible.

- Well, he did. I came here to talk to MC. Can you please call her?

- Why would you come all the way here to talk to her?

- That is my own personal business.

- And she is my girlf…. – Seven cleared his throat – No funny business, got it?!?

- I don’t really understand what you mean, but alright.

Seven huffed, and went inside to get MC.

- Saeyoung, who was at the door? – MC asked when she saw him enter the kitchen. – And why do you look so down?

- It’s Jumin…He came to talk to you.

- What?!? – MC dropped the plate she was washing, and it broke in pieces on the kitchen floor.

- MC! Did you hurt yourself?!? – Seven hurried to her.

- N-no, don’t worry. I’m fine, I only broke the plate.

- Phew, good, good. I will clean this up, you go talk to Jumin. He’s waiting at the door.

- Y-yes, alright.

“What the hell is going on?” – Seven thought to himself after MC stepped out of the kitchen.

MC’s insides were completely tied in a knot when she slowly reached for the door, and opened it to face Jumin.

- Ju-Jumin – she swallowed hard, and looked down.

- So it really is you…Can we talk in private?

MC looked at him once more, and nodded slightly. She walked out of the apartment, and closed the door behind her.

They walked in silence, until they reached the end of the corridor, and Jumin leaned on a window frame. The sky was slowly changing color, as the night was approaching.

MC waited a bit, but he didn’t utter a word.

- I…don’t really know what to say – MC murmured.

- Well, that makes two of us. – Jumin made a brief pause – There are quite a few things I want to ask about, but I don’t really know where to start.

Never before in my life have I felt this confused…

- Jumin, I…I told you this before. Even if I do tell you the truth, you will never believe it.

- Try me. – Jumin’s voice was barely above a whisper.

- What?

- I said, try me, MC. – she could sense the slight irritation in his voice.

- I’m sorry, Jumin…I can’t do that. – MC turned around, ready to leave, when he grabbed her arm once more.

- You are mistaken, if you think I will let you get away once more. I came all this way, MC, and I will get the answer I am looking for.

- Why do you have to be so stubborn about this?!?

MC’s shout surprised her even more than it did Jumin.

- I don’t really know that myself… Ever since I saw you at C & R, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

- Please, just let it go… – “It’s all my fault” – You won’t gain anything from knowing the truth.

– “You will forget about me once again anyway” – Please, Jumin… - MC was barely holding back her tears. No, she can’t cry again, that would only hurt him.

- I’m sorry…but I can’t. No, it’s more like I don’t want to let it go. I want to know, MC, I deserve to know.

MC bit her lip, and ordered her body to stop shaking. When she finally relaxed a bit, she turned to Jumin.

- O…k…, but please let me go. My hand is starting to hurt. I promise I won’t run away like last time.

- Oh, yes, I’m sorry.

Jumin released her from his grip, and MC encouraged herself to keep talking.

- I…have known you much longer than you think. Actually, I have known the entire RFA for much longer than you all will ever know.

- I’m not sure I follow…

- It’s quite simple, actually.

– “As simple as this whole weird situation can ever be” – Throughout all the time I spent around you guys, I have learned quite a lot: about Yoosung Kim, about Zen/Hyun Ryu, about Jaehee Kang,

about Saeyoung Choi, and about you…Jumin Han. You probably already think I’m crazy – MC noted after noticing Jumin’s expression, which was beyond confused.

- I am simply listening to you, and trying to figure all of this out. Please, go on.

- The reason why I know all of you so well is because… - MC stopped for a second,

but told herself there is no going back now – I’ve had 11 days to get to know each and every single one of the RFA.

It has already been about two months since the very first time I appeared in the chatroom.

- 11 days? 2 months? MC…What are you talking about? I just met you a couple of days ago…we all did.

- That’s because none of you have any memory of those 11 days.

Jumin couldn’t even pay proper attention to MC’s words anymore. His head felt like it was about to explode. He didn’t understand a thing from what she was saying.

But a voice inside of his head kept bothering him.

He had no recollection of ever saying such things, but they kept repeating over and over again: “Just stay by my side, MC”; “MC, I never want to let you go”; “Your lips are so warm and soft,

MC”; “The woman who took my heart is…MC”

- Jumin! – MC shook him a bit – Are you alright? You look so pale.

- MC… - Jumin grabbed her in his arms, and hugged her tight.

- Ju-Jumin, what…what are you doing?

- I…don’t really know. I’m sorry…please…just let me stay like this for a bit…

- Jumin… - MC relaxed in his arms, and hugged him back.

The situation had already gotten out of control, and MC didn’t have a clue what to do, and what was right or wrong anymore.

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