My heart can't let you go Chapter 1
My heart can't let you go 

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Basically, this story is based on the way I felt after completing Jumin's route for the first time and achieving the happy ending. I love my Mystic Messenger boys! <3 The story is told from the point of view of the MC.

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My heart can't let you go Chapter 1

MC came to C & R with a nostalgic feeling in her chest. She still wasn’t able to let go of him. And how could she? She fell in love with Jumin in the short period of 11 days.

She wanted to take care of him, to erase all the pain in his heart, to show him all the colors and shades that were missing from his world.

Eleven days weren’t nearly enough to contain all the love that bloomed inside of her. But…he had forgotten about her, and about what they went through. It was the same every single time.

Jumin was back to his old self, and her heart was breaking in pieces every time she had to act indifferent in front of him. But it doesn’t matter how hurt she felt.

MC had someone else that needed her. Someone else, who was in need of her love and support, and she was going to put her heart back together, and give everything she had to Saeyoung.

Why was MC even here? She was no longer the love of Jumin’s life. She was once more RFA’s new party coordinator, and nothing more. Nothing more…

She turned around, ready to leave, when she bumped into Jumin Han, who was on his way to a meeting. MC gasped and looked up, ready to apologize, when her gaze froze on his face.

She could no longer control the tears, which had been threatening to leave her eyes ever since she came here. She was crying in front of Jumin, not able to move or say a word.

He was studying her face in utter shock and surprise. “Get away from here, damn it!”, a voice screamed in her head, and she finally decided to obey it.

She turned around, and moved away with quick steps.

This woman looked oddly familiar to Jumin, but he couldn’t quite grasp the reason why that is.

And why would she cry in front of him, when they have never met before? Or maybe they have, but he forgot he met her?

For some reason he felt the strong need to learn who she is, so he followed her.

- Wait! – Jumin’s voice sounded behind MC.

She ignored it, and quickened her pace. MC couldn’t face him, not like this. She desperately tried to run away, but he grabbed her arm as soon as he reached her.

- I said, wait! – Jumin exclaimed in an annoyed manner.

MC tried to free her hand, refusing to turn around and look at him, but her attempts were unsuccessful. His grip was strong, so she finally stopped struggling, and relaxed a bit.

- What do you want from me? – her throat felt dry, and her voice sounded hoarse, making her question sound a bit more harsh than she intended.

- What do you mean “WHAT I WANT?” You are the one, who bumped into me, without apologizing by the way, and started crying. Of course I would want to know why.

- I was upset over something that has nothing to do with you! Happy?!

That’s right, she couldn’t let herself waver, she needed to be strong and get away from Jumin as fast as possible.

MC didn’t like how she acted to the man, who was so dear to her, but at that moment she couldn’t see any other way around her already foolish behavior.

- Happy? Why would such an answer give me any kind of happiness? You shouldn’t waste your tears, especially in front of a complete stranger.

The word “stranger” rang in her ears, and stabbed her heart. Yes, that’s right, currently he was similar to a stranger to her, and that’s what hurt the most.

- If you are done lecturing me, can you finally let me go?

But Jumin still held her arm as firm as before. Why, he didn’t know. There was a strong force, which kept pulling him to this weird woman.

- You were really crying because of something else, and not me? Because if I did something, which I don’t remember…

- For God’s sake, Jumin, it has nothing to do with… – MC turned around in an angry fit, but covered her mouth with her free hand after realizing what she had done.

- How do you…know my name? You claim to not know who I am, but use my name in such an intimate manner.

“Well, now I’ve done it”. MC’s thoughts were running a mile a minute. She had to think of a good excuse, and fast.

- Well? And don’t even try lying to me. I detest liars.

- Even if I tell you, you will never believe me. – MC lowered her gaze, afraid to look in his gray eyes, which were now filled with suspicion.

Just as Jumin was about to keep pressing the subject, he heard someone call out to him, and turned around.

- Mr. Han, there you are! We’ll be late for the meeting! – Jaehee appeared in front of him.

MC used the opportunity to free her hand, and ran away as quickly as possible. Jumin swore under his breath, and watched after her as she disappeared completely.

- Who was that girl, Mr. Han? – Jumin avoided her question, and started walking back to the C & R building, with Jaehee following close behind him.

The events from that day kept haunting Jumin, and he would often discuss them with MC, whenever they spoke on the phone.

She, of course, avoided the subject as much as possible, and only gave short and whatever answers.

She despised herself for what she did, and how she had to keep lying to him, but those were consequences from her own actions, and there was nothing else she could do.

The only thing she kept worrying over was how she will set foot at the RFA party. Jumin knew her appearance, and there was a high chance he could recognize her with ease.

She had a hell of a hard time around Saeyoung at first, because of his constant attempts to push her away. She was beyond hurt.

Her heart was still aching for Jumin, and now it was getting stomped on by Saeyoung. But she was determined to show the hacker his ways won’t work. And in the end she finally succeeded to do so.

Everything she learned about him during these couple of days was something she had never imagined before.

She always saw him as the happy-go-lucky 707, who plays a superhero and wants to save the world.

The truth was far different, but that didn’t change what she felt, and her desire to be with him.

MC felt a huge wave of relief wash over her when Saeyoung told her the both of them probably won’t be able to attend the party.

They had one more day together in the apartment before leaving for Mint Eye to get Saeran.

MC’s thoughts were interrupted by an excited Saeyoung, who sat on the bed next to her.

- MC, let’s take a commemorative photo together. Come on, come closer to me! – He practically pulled her close, and she couldn’t help but giggle at how cute he was.

- Say “God 707”!

- God 707 is the best! – MC practically shouted.

- OMG, so cute!

Saeyoung was blushing when he finally took the photo. He showed it to MC, who was equally happy.

She excused herself, and went to the kitchen to cook lunch for them, when she heard him call out to her.

- Can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction when I post the photo!

“Wait, what?!?” – MC quickly made her way back to the bedroom.

- Wait! Don’t post that photo in the chatroom!

But she was too late. He had already sent the photo in the RFA chatroom, and was showing off with how cute MC is. He looked up at her, confused by her expression.

- Hm? What do you mean? What’s wrong with showing the photo to the rest of the RFA? They already know we’re together.

- No, it’s not that. It’s just… - think, MC, think – I…don’t think I looked that good on the photo. Yes, that’s it!

- What are you talking about? You look as adorable as ever! Of course, nothing can match your true beauty. And you’re all mine, hehe! – Saeyoung teased her.

He got up from the bed, and gave MC a peck on her cheek. She blushed a bit and smiled at him, but her insides were tied in a knot.

It was a matter of time before Jumin sees the photo, and starts questioning her again. Oh, what a huge mess she created…

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