I give you my hearts ~Chapter 1~ by DesiSkorm
I give you my hearts 

                     ~Chapter 1~
                    by DesiSkorm eric smith stories

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What makes Alistair different? Let's say he doesn't really feel at place in his own world. Same goes for Eric, who's sent to find Alistair...and kill him. What will happen when these two meet?

P.S. This work is a collaboration with a very good friend of mine. Her chapters will be marked with the pseudonym she chose for herself - Katshi.

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I give you my hearts ~Chapter 1~ by DesiSkorm

- Eric Smith, huh?

The elderly man threw the ID back on his desk. Its owner reached out and took it back. He looked disdainfully at the man in front of him, but remained silent.

The man smiled, and stood up from the chair he was sitting on.

- Do you even realize what a mess you've made? One call from me and you can spend the rest of your worthless life as a soulless doll.

Eric furrowed his brows.

- Why did you even call me here? You could have just sent someone to make sure that I receive the appropriate punishment.

The older man adjusted his glasses carefully.

- It's very simple - I'm curious. I want to know what exactly made you ignore the rules you undoubtedly know perfectly.

Why would someone, whose sole purpose in life is to serve the society he was created by, expose himself to such a high risk?

But Eric refused to answer any of the questions.

His body language made it very clear how annoying this whole situation is to him - the arms crossed in front of his chest, the long sighs he kept letting out,

and the obvious hatred emanating from his light blue eyes.

But that didn't make much difference, because the man in front of him didn't even flinch. On the contrary, he was having a lot of fun.

- You refuse to speak. That's fine. Either way, these details aren't all that important to me. The reason I called you here is because I need you.

That last sentence surprised Eric, and dispelled his anger for a moment. But that didn't last long.

- What could you possibly want from me? And why do you think I would help you in any way? If you haven't noticed already, I despise you.

The older man laughed at Eric's words, a laugh which caused a chill to crawl through his body.

- Oh, that is of no importance to me. You see, I'm not giving you a choice. You will help me, whether you agree or not.

In this world I make up the rules, and it's your duty to obey them, although it's more than clear you don't enjoy that.

The man took a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, and slowly pulled one of them out. He wrapped his fingers around it, and lit it with a single snap.

Eric tried not to pay attention to his actions, but the ongoing silence was driving him mad.

The taller man approached Eric, and the air was quickly filled with the strong aroma of his perfume, mixed with the suffocating smell of cigarettes.

- You claim you do not wish to help me, but look at you - you're brimming with curiosity. Do not worry, I won't torment you anymore.

He snapped his fingers once more, and a hologram appeared in the space between them. On it Eric saw a man, close to his age. He moved his gaze, and asked annoyed:

- Who is this person?

- The one you need to kill.

- Excuse me?! Are you out of your mind?! No way! I refuse!

The older man, who had been perfectly patient so far, grabbed Eric by the throat and slammed his body against the wall. Eric let out a strangled cry.

- Tsk, tsk, complete lack of manners. I can accept many things, but raising your voice in my office is out of the question. I shall repeat once more - you don't have a choice.

I am certain your family will be forever grateful, if you don't put them in some...hmm...extremely unpleasant...and dangerous situation.

He emphasized the words "unpleasant" and "dangerous" with a tone in his voice, which left no room for objections. Eric gritted his teeth.

His heart was burning with hatred towards this arrogant man. But the mention of his family quickly turned the tables, and it was not to his advantage. He moved his gaze, and slowly nodded.

The older man released him from his grip. Eric started coughing, his hand flying to his throat.

- That's better. As I said already, this man needs to die. His existence contradicts with our laws. You are the perfect man for the job. The fire burning in your eyes - I like it.

Eric interrupted his next words.

- Where can I find this man?

- Oh, that's the most interesting part. He isn't from our world.

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