Beach Party Part 2
Beach Party 

                                                    Part 2 main character stories

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MC misses the RFA, so she arranges for them all to finally gather together for a beach party. She couldn't be more happy ^_^

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Beach Party Part 2

- Don’t worry; you will be fine with those shorts. – MC turned around to smile at him, which resulted in her slipping on a beach ball in front of her.

She lost her balance and fell back and on top of Jumin, who couldn’t catch her properly and fell down as well. They both ended up on the sand, MC lying on top of Jumin.

He opened his eyes, and gazed at her.

- Owie, that hurt – MC mumbled, before opening her eyes as well and freezing on the spot.

They were both gazing at each other, and a huge blush immediately formed on both of their faces. Neither one could move.

- I wonder what’s taking MC so long. – Seven thought and turned around to go check up on her.

That’s when he noticed the whole thing. He quickly made his way out of the water, and called out to his wife.

- MC!

She instantly jumped up, and turned around to face Seven. She was praying he wouldn’t misunderstand the whole situation, and immediately tried to explain herself.

- Ah, Seven! It’s my fault, I’m so clumsy. I had finally convinced Jumin to get in the water, but I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going, so I slipped and fell.

It’s a good thing Jumin managed to catch me, kind of.

- You slipped and fell?! Are you alright?! Did you hurt yourself? – Seven checked every inch of her body, and let out a relaxed sigh.

- I’m fine; I’m perfectly fine, darling! Shall we go back in the water?

- Sure thing, my love. You go on ahead; I will make sure Jumin is fine as well.

- Alright! - MC left both of them alone.

Seven extended a hand to Jumin, and helped him up. After he did so, he pulled Jumin closer, so he could whisper directly in his ear.

“I hope you don’t get any funny ideas. Don’t forget MC is my wife and…”

At that moment Jumin pulled himself away from Seven’s grasp.

- She is also my friend, and I respect her and her marriage. I suggest you have a bit more trust in your wife. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I will go for a little swim.

Jumin turned around, but remembered something and fixed his gaze back on Seven.

- Oh, and one more thing. Your wife offered to keep an eye on me while I swim, and protect me from all kinds of dangers, including her husband. I will make sure to take her up on that offer.

– Jumin sent a provocative look Seven’s way, and walked towards the water.

MC witnessed the whole thing, but since she was already swimming, she couldn’t hear any of the things they said to each other.

But she did notice the look in her husband’s eyes, which she rarely got to see, and took immediate action. When she got out of the water, Jumin stopped her in her tracks.

- Oh, I thought we were going to swim together.

- Ah, yes, you can go on ahead. I will join you in a minute, Jumin. – She gave him a smile. – I’ll be right back.

Upon reaching her husband, she sat down next to him. She reached for the hand he had resting down on the sand, and intertwined her fingers with his.

- Well, will you tell me what happened, my love? – She turned to look at him, and once he gazed back at her, sent a warm smile his way to encourage him to speak. But that didn’t quite work.

- Nothing, really. – He looked away, but didn’t move his hand away from hers.

- You do know you won’t be able to trick me, right? – MC raised an eyebrow, and moved herself closer to her husband.

– If you tell me what happened, I can always find a way to comfort you, and make you feel better.

We promised to always be sincere with each other, didn't we? I can’t stand to watch my husband in such a bad mood, whatever the reason is behind it. - Seven looked back at MC, and sighed.

- I can’t win against you, can I?

- Not in a million years. – MC chuckled and gave Seven a light kiss on his cheek. That was enough to make him smile.

- Say, MC, can I ask you a question?

- Of course.

- You don’t by any chance like…Jumin, right? – Seven felt extremely guilty right after he asked the dreadful question.

- WHAT?!? Seven, are you out of your mind? If this is a joke, I swear to God Seven…

- No, no, it’s not a joke. I’m seriously asking. I know it’s a stupid question…

- No, not at all, it’s actually a completely idiotic question!! Saeyoung Choi, you are the only man I have loved, I love, and I always will love. Jumin is a very good friend, and that’s all.

I’m sorry about what happened, and I’m sorry it made you jealous, but you have nothing to worry about, okay? My heart belongs to you, and only you.

- MC… - Seven grabbed his wife in his arms, and hugged her tight. Afterwards he gave her a gentle kiss, which in no time turned to a more deep and passionate one.

- Seven… - MC tried to protest, but he pushed her down on the sand, and kept kissing her.

She was starting to get turned on, so she pinched his arm hard for the second time today.

- OUCH! What was that for?!

- You do realize we’re not alone, right, my dear husband?

- Ah, yeah, true, hehehe – Seven had his goofy attitude back, and MC was both relieved and happy.

From inside the water Jumin had seen the whole scene, and was also smiling. It sure was fun to trick the trickster himself for a change.

The whole situation was left unnoticed by the rest of the group.

Jaehee and Zen were playing around with a beach ball, and splashing each other with water, while Yoosung was busy diving in the water, and looking for sea shells.

Seven and MC rejoined the group as their usual happy-go-lucky selves.

Like she promised, MC kept watch over Jumin, while Seven was pre-occupied with trying to find new different ways to trick Yoosung.

The hacker didn’t fail to mention his undying love for Elizabeth the 3rd, and how he wished she was here, to which Zen immediately protested with a loud “Are you insane?!?

”, and a couple of sneezes. After a while, they all got out of the water and enjoyed a nice conversation in the company of light snacks and cocktails.

In the end, their gathering was a success, and MC was more than happy all of her favorite people were together with her.

- I love you, guys! – She suddenly exclaimed, all of their gazes turning to her, each one of them filled with just as much love.

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