Why Extracurricular Projects are Just as Valued as a Degree
Why Extracurricular Projects are Just as Valued as a Degree to Employers stories

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Dennis is currently a contributor for the Huffington Post, YFS Magazine and many others. He has a heavy digital marketing and content background, heading user acquisition for a number of mobile apps and and platforms, both B2b and B2c. He also shares a love for film making! See his work on his website: itsdenniswilliams.com

Why Extracurricular Projects are Just as Valued as a Degree

to Employers

Employers are beginning to favor the entrepreneurial spirit

just as much as they do the plaque itself.

The Harsh Reality

A steady GPA and university mandated internships don’t guarantee jobs in the current market. The Economic Policy Institute found roughly 8.5 percent of graduates between 21-24 were unemployed

Recruiters see hundreds of resumes per week

Setting yourself apart from the pack is done in communicating your value. Professional extracurricular projects are almost becoming a necessity.

My real world experience

My real world experiences during my college years hadn’t equated to a salary at the time, after graduation.

After graduation, my friend & I created a tech incubator

We kickstarted mobile app startups for various clients as well as our own ideas. I had been freelance writing for the Huffington Post & Funny or Die for over a year at that point.

I learned useful growthhacking skills

It was this creating this incubator that landed me my first job as a creative officer for a digital marketing agency here in New York City.

Why Experience During School Matters:

1) Shows Initiative

Finding experience isn’t easy, it takes a good deal of networking in route to a good freelance position or work related program.

2) Identifies a professional focus.

Many graduates aren’t sure of what they can actually see themselves doing and that can make it hard for employers to visualize as well. If you’re into computer science, create a mobile app

3) Shows your value.

You’ll learn skills that you can take with you and you’ll see the difference between your brand and your career.

4) Helps establish the right relationships.

Networking will play a major factor throughout the rest of your career and collaborating through work is a great way to foster long-term professional relationships

You’ve shown your determination in earning your B.A.

but it takes a credible resume and portfolio to prove beneficial for a recruiting company.

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