The Selected: Chapter 1
The Selected: Chapter 1 kotlc stories
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The Selected: Chapter 1

I am Sophie Foster. Yes, the princess of the Lost Cities. In just a few hours, I shall meet the fifty men in my selection. I heard a knock on my door. "Come in!" I called.

My hairstylist and makeup artist, Biana Vacker opened the door nervously.

"S-S-sorry t-to interrupt, y-your majesty. Q-Q-Queen Edaline insisted t-that I come assist you with your hair, makeup, and o-outfit-if that is okay with you." Biana stammered nervously.

I smiled warmly.

"Of course, Biana. You have the best taste. And please, call me Sophie.

" I've known Biana for two years, and have tried my best to make her feel at home and comfortable in front of me and in the Palace, but I suppose she doesn't adjust well with change.

She has always held back from me. Now that I think about it, I suppose I barely know anything about Biana. I don't even know her last name! I saw a hint of a smile light up Biana's face.

"Thank you, your maj-Sophie. Shall we start with your outfit?" She asked. I nodded, grinning. "Perfect. I have three dresses in mind.

" Biana said as she pulled three dazzling dresses out of my closet. A floral print pink casual dress, a gorgeous red off the shoulder, and a long poofy green one.

"Hmmm...I think I like the red one. It's rather posh, don't you think?" Biana nodded in agreement. My maids, Elsa, Analia, and Raelynn helped me change into the dress.

Then, I walked downstairs to the fifty chattering men. They all fell silent, greeting me with waves as they noticed me.

"Good day. As you all know, you are the selected."

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