Jaime and Melanie
Jaime and Melanie love and hate stories
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Jaime and Melanie, Part 5. Sort of a cliffhanger, Part 6 on it's way.

Jaime and Melanie

Jaime couldn't. He was going over the events that had happened in the last two days. 1) He had moved to New York. 2) He had met a homeless girl, Melanie, who became his adopted sister. 3) He fell in love with Melanie, shared a moment. 4) Melanie told him she just wanted to be friends.

He couldn't believe what had happened. At his old school, Jaime had been a bit rude. He was sort of a bully. Well, he was in the posse of a bully. And now, he had finally figured out how to be nice. Someone had showed him that. And that same someone had now broken his heart. He felt a strange feeling throughout him, and touched his face. Was he-crying? The last time Jaime had cried, he had been four years old.

He knew he just needed some rest. So he forced himself to go to sleep.

When Jaime woke up the next morning, the empty pit in his stomach was still there. So, after getting ready, Jaime went downstairs to have breakfast. Kimberly and Melanie were already there. "Oh, hi, Jaime!" Melanie said guiltily. Jaime didn't answer. He just gave Melanie the stink eye.

Jaime felt his anger boiling inside him. He stabbed his pancakes with menace. "That's not very nice, Jaime. Say hi to Melanie." Kimberly scolded. "Hi, Melanie." Jaime muttered. Melanie flashed a wicked smile. "Oh, hi, Jaime." She sounded evil. Pure evil.

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