The Christmas Gift
The Christmas Gift christmas stories

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The Christmas Gift

by delphinedble

It was Christmas Eve.

Debby's family was gathered together around the table celebrating it .Debby is an 18 year old girl, quite introverted and she is a real daydreamer. She was always dreaming about a perfect life.

Everybody was in an amazing mood to celebrate Christmas.

Although she was surrouded by her family, Debby was quiet, as usual, she didn't like to talk that much. She was observing the moment. She remained like this until the end of the dinner.

The favorite moment of everyone has come: The gifts opening.

It was midnight, and under the tree were placed a lot of gifts. Debby's siblings hastened to go find theirs. She waited and looked at them, noticing the joy in their eyes while opening them.

After everyone has opened their gifts, she noticed something

There was nothing left under the tree. Not a single thing. She went to sit , disappointed. She turned to her mom and asked: "How is it that there's nothing left? Didn't have I got something?"

Her mom, surprised, left the room.

She came back with an enveloppe in her hands, and said: " I'm sorry honey, I forgot to put it under the tree." She handed the enveloppe to Debby. She took it and opened it. Inside was ...

The christmas gift.

Inside this enveloppe was a blank paper with one sentence written on it : "We are going to London in three days ". Debby was amazed, she dreamt to go there since she was a little girl.

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