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deliriousrose i like allusive words and mind games
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what's it to it

paper & blood

writing isn't enough

i bleed on my pages

but it's never enough

i'm putting pressure on the pen

but it won't release what's within

cause i'm just abusing the utensil

it's too bad it's made out of cheap metal

here i am

the pages are drenched

dripping on the floor

somehow i'm still looking down for more

i can't write away the pain

the pages can't be a band aid

and I ask myself,

what do i even have left

feelings that destroy

there's no beauty in that

i'm getting so corrupt

they told me i wouldn't self destruct

writing will give you options,

it will become art

then why does it feel so rotten

i'm not an artist

i'm just broken

they're wounds festering

and it's menacing

so yes

how can writing be enough

they told me to steal my own blood

but i can't use this for healing

just for bleeding

maybe one day it will be worth it

but for right now

this blood is worthless

cause deep down

i just want to be worth it

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