Wind Demons

delaneypalumboEveryone I loves leaves & I write it
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They were trying to get us but the real demon was already inside.

Wind Demons

by delaneypalumbo

I heard the loud whistle screaming through the small crack of the window that refused to close no matter how many times maintenance was called.

the screams got louder as the wind pushed itself towards the room we hid in. They were trying to get us.

I blinked once and then twice until my eyes opened to look up at his chin from his chest. He was warm, we were warm. We were safe.

I smiled knowing I was shielded by his arms, my security blanket. Safe from all the bad the world held.

I kissed his lips lightly as his eyelashes fluttered open slowly to look down at me. It was half passed ten but it was just the beginning of our day.

The sun had already risen but was just now apparent to our sleepy eyes.

the wind kept howling through the small crack. The wind demons, they couldn't get into this perfect world of fluffy duvets and sleepy smiles

he protected me from those wind demons pulling me closer and urging me back to bed.

but there was nothing in that beautiful morning to protect me from him and the damage he would end up leaving me with.

The wind demons were trying to get inside but the real demon already had me in his grips.

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This was a delicious mixture of passion and reality. Great poem!!!!!