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delaneypalumbo Everyone I loves leaves & I write it
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You hurt me to the point of no return and left with no bruises to show for it.


by delaneypalumbo

I was on a ride. A beautiful ride full of new exciting places and people.

My ride was just beginning when I met you. You were wonderful and great and so I pulled you onto my ride & you pulled me onto yours.

We kept spinning. Day after day. Even when the ride got bumpy we kept on.

But then one day you got sick of my ride. I still believed you were the best and I wanted you along for the rest of the journey but you had new adventures to seek.

So I let you go, you stepped off. However I skipped one step of the process. I never stepped off, I held on tighter than ever.

So that eventually I was hurt. I was bruised. And I was tired.

We were on this ride, you escaped without a cut, but I am laying in a hospital bed begging for life.

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