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delaneypalumboEveryone I loves leaves & I write it
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by delaneypalumbo

I want to tell myself everything is alright but I feel my insides twisting along with my mind I can't comprehend whats going on you say one thing to me and another to the boys

I want to ask you what we are what this is but you just go with the flow and I don't want to ruin what we have

You say shes not here and I'm not sharing but the impact it has on me after a night of kissing you is strong

You say don't tell my friends what we do But they already know from you I am at a loss for what to do and what to say

But my mouth still aches to have your lips touch mine My body still craves your touch And my bed still feels empty without you in it

I almost want to ignore everything and just hold on to the nights I have with you laughing talking kissing cuddling

But I know somewhere along the line my heart will end up where only feet belong

I Don't know exactly when I realized I wanted more maybe when you hinted at it But did you mean it I'm not sure

I say I never write about people unless they aren't in my lives anymore yet Ive written about you so much these last few weeks

and I cant help but wonder if its because I know you soon will be gone

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