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deidrebelle Artist and writer
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The rain has washed the world clean Rinsed each eye of its jaded smog

The Brilliant World

The rain has washed the world clean

Rinsed each eye of its jaded smog

Wrung all disillusion from the leaden clouds

And brought back all the jewel colours.

Birds are calling, bright feathered bells

Chiming one to another in poetic response

Happiness has broken out in a Waterfall of Sunlight -

Look! Oh look...

Everything is new.

My eyes open like curtains, fluttering

I am floating, drifting on cool air currents

High, so high above the brilliant world

Wish you were here, wish you were here

You’d see what I it changes me

Tumbles me from Sun to Star to Moon

Polishes me with the laughter of children and angels -

Like a forgotten wish

At last come true.

Here, fear becomes a foreign language

Bitter doubt is an unknown land

The storm has ripped all the pain from the sky

I am free at last of yesterday’s darkness

Like the rain, if I fall now, I’ll land softly...

Curl deep inside the whorled hearts of roses

Nestle myself amongst layers of soft crimson velvet -

Be safe to rest,

and simply be.

Moonlight leads the way to tomorrow

The world turns peacefully through quiet hours

And the Stars keep their Vigil,


all Dreamers.

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