Pomegranates In December
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deidrebelle Artist and writer
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Sun of a new Summer Melting the clock in my mind’s eye

Pomegranates In December

Sun of a new Summer

Melting the clock in my mind’s eye

The kind of afternoon that calls for music

Making love amid the Calla Lilies

Hiding behind sheets

Fingers making lazy circles on skin

Languidly admiring

The simple lines that define you

Hot syrup days where life sleeps in the trees

Bark, rough against my thighs

Leaves, soft on my cheeks

And dragonflies dreaming in the air

Yesterday music on the radio

Always too good to just leave it there

Nestling with memories of boys I knew who knew

The me I was then, unformed, forming...

Pomegranate seeds and a woman’s body

And here the afternoon goes on forever

Perfume on my wrist

Sunscreen slick, sandflies in the city

And your eyes mingling with mine, casually

Assessing possibilities, taking notes

Sun of a new Summer

Here we fall into another surrender

Days when it’s all you can do to breathe

Fainting right there amid the pillows

Restless in our ennui

And the season seems to last for years

Simmering the blood

Bending time to our sensibilities

Heat in the summer rain

Wet in our kisses again

And Pomegranate seeds for Persephone...

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