The Spell He Cast On Her
The Spell He Cast On Her contrast stories

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Sometimes, perception and reality have less in common than the sky and the ground.

The Spell He Cast On Her

"That's enough. I'm leaving!", and he did.

The tears in her eyes weren't going to bring him back. The words were uttered. She cried bitterly.

"You look so pale! Is everything alright?", her friend asked her the next morning. She did not answer, but let a few tears roll down her cheek. Her friend embraced her, trying to comfort her.

"I never should have said anything. I am so stupid!", her face never dried up.

She loved the boy, deeply. When they held hands, she was only physically present in this world. When he touched her, she could think of nothing but the moment they were having.

When he touched the other girls, she submerged her pain under her delicate smile. She believed it was normal among friends.

Oh, how naive she was!

Until one day, when she could bear it no more. She finally let her feelings known to the boy.

The boy was delighted, but put on a mask of anger and disappointment. It was necessary to conceal his ulterior motive.

He was on the lookout for an excuse, and here it was, fed to him. "So this is your trust upon me?", the cunning boy drove the conversation to the end.

She regretted saying anything at all. Worse, she thought it was her fault.

For a long time.

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