My Journey of 2015 : From a Dreamer to Achiever
My Journey of 2015 in a nutshell stories

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My Journey of 2015 : From a Dreamer to Achiever

Adventures through Madrid, Leeds & Jaipur

The Historic Madrid Derby ( Atletico Madrid Vs Real Madrid)

Atletico Madrid thrashed Real Madrid (4-0), and I got the opportunity to meet the players including my Icon - Fernando Torres. It had to be one of the biggest day in my life

Went on a Journey to Leeds Music Festival

It was one of the craziest trips of my life with the craziest friends

Visited in India's Best Festival - Magnetic Fields Festival

An experience of Desert, Palace, Tents, Music and Chilling Cold

It's time to set newer Goals and Bigger Dreams for 2016

Euro 2016, Tomorrowland & Champions League, I am coming for you :)

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