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I lay still, silently praying that no one had heard me. All the arguing had stopped. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I tried to get up and hide but once I stood up my head spun and I ended up falling on my ass when the door flew open. "What is this?" A woman shouted. She looked like she was in her fifties and the clothing and accessories she wore looked expensive.

"Hi," I said nervously and struggled to stand up. Luke came up from behind her and unwillingly pulled me up. The man that stood beside the woman stared at us with wide eyes. "Let me guess, she's one of your strippers," Luke's mother spat. I gave her a dirty look. How in God's name did I look anything like a stripper.

"Um Irene darling I don't think this girl looks anything like a stripper," Luke's father chuckled. 'Thank you' I thought to myself. His mother looked at me sternly. "Well then who are you?" She loudly tapped her foot against the floorboards impatiently. Suddenly I had gone speechless. "She's my umm girlfriend," Luke blurted out. I looked at him with confusion. His parents both exchanged a look before bursting into laughter.

"Honey you better go now. Luke will be in bed with the next female he encounters," his mother laughed while his father nodded in agreement.

Suddenly Luke said something that had all of our mouths dropping. "Actually mum and dad, Karina and I are getting married."

What happens when you build a relationship on a web of lies? Or when you marry your enemy for the wrong reasons?
Oh what a tangled web we weave when at first we practice to deceive.

By: Debrarocker256

By now I was pissed. The pictures on the walls bounced up and down to the beat of the music.

Luke Daniel Hastings; no matter how full of himself he was or how many hearts he broke, everyone seemed to love him (everyone excluding me). I hated him.

The thought of him lying in a coffin made me smile. I didn't care how sadistic that made me sound. I had every right to hate him.

He was inconsiderate, and by that, I mean; he played loud music all night and didn't care to think about the rest of the neighbourhood who preferred to sleep during the night.

Although there were families with children, I was the only person that had the guts to call the police but when I did, they didn't stop the party, they joined it.

That then led me to bringing him to court one day.

Seeing as I was a lawyer and most of the jury knew me, I expected to win the case up until I found out that he slept with the majority of the women there. I didn't get it.

The women here in New York seemed to fall at his feet. I will admit that the guy wasn't ugly but that didn't change the fact that he was a complete ass.

I sat in bed trying ever so hard to focus on my documents. I inhaled the smell of my strawberry scented candles to try and calm myself down.

Suddenly there was a big bang followed by a loud shatter from my back garden. A few seconds later all my electricity went out.

I expected Luke's music to shut down but it seemed to have increased. I looked through my front window and saw that the lights of the other houses were still on. "I'm gonna kill him.

He's gonna pay to get that fixed." I muttered to myself. I dumped my documents on the cupboard, not realising that they landed right on top of the strawberry scented candles.

In less than a minute, I was bashing my fist against his front door. He almost immediately answered. "Karina!" he exclaimed with a fake smile.

"Come to join the party?" He looked half dead along with two blondes tightly wrapped in his arms. They both wore short tight promiscuous clothing.

I was about to reply to his question with sarcasm before he snorted. "I'm sorry but I can't allow you in here looking like that." He gestured to my outfit.

A white button up shirt, a black blazer, a black pencil skirt and black stiletto heels.

"I suggest you remove a few layers of clothing and put some make up on, a lot of make up, before you consider coming in here."

The girls giggled whereas I ignored his snide comment and pushed past them. I stormed into the living room and searched for the source of music which wasn't hard to find.

I made my way past the sweaty bodies grinding against each other until I reached a large set of speakers with music blaring out of them.

I roughly pulled out the plug, not caring about the multiple pairs of eyes on me. Luke stood at the door frame with a can of Heineken but the girls weren't with him anymore.

He looked at me with amusement. "What the fuck did you do that for?" A woman in the crowd yelled.

"It's time to go home people!" I shouted. The few people that had been making out were already out the door while others stared at me as if I had three breasts.

When they didn't budge, I stormed into the kitchen and searched for a knife. "Who is she?" People asked. Luke didn't reply. He leaned against the door frame watching me.

I went behind the speakers and ripped the cable out of the socket. "Sorry folks but you can't have a party without music."

Gradually, people began to get up

The two blondes were the last to leave. "Bye Luke," one of them giggled. She wore a short sparkly pink dress and had to hold it down as she ran out the door.

The other blonde wore a short red dress that clung to her body and hardly covered anything. She looked at me then went over to Luke.

I quickly flickered my eyes to what looked like vomit in the corner of the room while the girl threw herself at him.

I cleared my throat a couple of times but Luke just chuckled and went back to making out with her. After what felt like ten minutes, he spoke.

"Tanya I'd ask you to stay but I've got a problem I need to take care of." He nodded his head towards me. I rolled my eyes and watched as Tanya unwillingly left the house.

A minute later she ran back in. "Your next door neighbours' house is on fire."

It took a moment for the message to sink into my brain.

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