Unfolding Love
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Unfolding Love

by deborahanneshep

Come along bathe by Never never land, My peter Pan

Find the true love in magic, my mirror

Where the soul wanders, sundered cliffs , shall greet thee,

sunsets , we glided in the feathery clouds of time

Lighted silliest vessels , we flew, do you remember love of

Sheltering each others longing, soft hellos

Let me touch , magic Peter pans travels

Pleasure Island awaits , you, as we travel across the waters above

I am but soft rain , that falls gently on each cupids cusp

Can you feel the twilight's dawning?

Ours consummates each lifetime, the boy who never grew up an

Finding the key to true happiness is through heart

Finding the key to true happiness is through heart

The light will come I shall my love , breathe from my angel

My beloved , our story is unfolding for only those who believe My mirror

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