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by deborahanneshep

I love you , because you know me with all my flaws You can see the real me, and love me for it

Our love grows, each year like our flowers in the backyard

We even wore ,matching t shirts We colored them ourselves

We love the same pizza, like our bodys are saying hey , pizza!

Do you remeber when we had to go school? I missed you when you were at home.

I loved the beach , you could see the troubles go away As the waves came in

I remember at school the boys laughed at you , the freckled girl they said I thought that was mean, I chased them away, they bullied us

I loved playing princess in the castle , and you were the rich queen It was fun to pretend Then we had to grow up

The beach even changed

I still remember us on the beach though I will always love you my sister, no matter how afr away you are

Even when I get older I remember you sister , all my walks I can see you

I will never forget us , sister I love you

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