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.Sirens call

by deborahanneshep

Bound by code in the sirens reign

She will see , Caliban, the siren queen

Wills can be broken, they will do no harm

The taste of power, under treacherous seas

She weeps to follow on

Chasing dragons, skulls haven is opening

She will allow herself to shape shift, siren gown

Stillness they may see her

Cloaked shadow neath, waters deep

She may not walk, black sheath

Slowly following with shells deep

Tied on a shell deep in the side

The spell she needs to learn

She will feel darkness appear

Standing near, the sirens gate

following spell

Dreams occur she will block

Weep not dear , the siren door

What shall you come home to see?

Stepping in, unknowing fate

I shall find his tears, in flames

I shall try to see with the mermaid spell

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