My precious gift of the angels
My precious gift of the angels stories

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My precious gift of the angels

by deborahanneshep

Have you ever wished for something, so hard

Waited , and waited till you got a phone call

it finally happened you were going to be a momand dad

We had to buy all the stuff really fast, so excited

My heart lifted to the moon and back again

The stroller, the bed the clothes the diapers

Then came to the day , the scary day To meet the foster parents, who didn't want to meet

So scared they would change there mind

But they didn't thank you , so much angels , instead he was going home with us

Our new bundle of Joy he is 7 and half pounds of pure love I was so happy , his dad was so proud, our son was home

He loved us back , I could feel the heart he carried So beautiful

It was a beautiful day , when all woke up as family The best feeling in the world to have your family complete

Remember me ...I'm your son I love you mom and dad

We are so happy , we have our son and it is final the adoption he is ours

When you wait all your life to hold your baby It s a memory

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