Memorial remeberaces
Memorial remeberaces stories

deborahanneshepCommunity member
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Memorial remeberaces

by deborahanneshep

Many soldiers have fallen on the battle grounds that day

The fighting men and women who make us proud still stand

In our families hearts forever there names written

Kindred prayers are sent out to families universal

To keep this sacred day close tucked inside

There are soldiers who live with scars, bruises, blocks

To try to find the key is through loving you

Through this time of sadness , trauma so real year to year

To help them by holding out our hearts,hands of friendships

To be respected with dignity and trust so clear

To bring peace to there torment some still carry in tears

To finally break loose there demons to be free, to feel there glory and honor , as soldiers need to be

For there bravery to have meant what they intended to see

To now live on each fallen brothers sisters memory

To be remembered each year with pride

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