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deborahanneshepCommunity member
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Knights Love

by deborahanneshep

My love,for just earths love moment in time, frozen

Whispers of yesterdays , I spend memory coin

Little tiny crystals will fall from my eyes,at the close of today

They will spiral around us in heavens sphere

Heavens rocking windows open as you enter my heart, soul I 'll have all our yesterdays at my finger tips, as I slumber

Your heart will soar with sparkling dew , as each day I remeber

I feel the magic of our love, your touch, the scent of the pillow beside me I will hold you till morn, light when the sun dances on the porch It will dress in the angels wings, to great the day

I feel you in the summery trees, the walks and coffee on the porch I love you , I can see in the sands of the beach, the little smiles of your family Till I am with you , love you sweet angel

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