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by deborahanneshep

Seeing from what perspective

Life's wants desires, hurts , wishes

Earths hums, touch scents

Ponder questions, Resistance of ones self, seeking oneness

infinite feelings of why ?

Future endeavors, accomplishments

Feeling alive with vitality

seeking pleasures small but confortable

What would the world be without you?

There would be no you, certainly No love you would share

so wake up! See you for you be the best you for you love yourself first

Take off the peoples mask, live love , laugh

Toast to life

experience life

Breathe the air

take risks to learn about you

love you , find happiness within you live

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thank you for stopping by hugs

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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You wrote this beautifully with evocative words. The advice is sagacious and timely. Great post!!!!!