Immortal Love
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Immortal Love

by deborahanneshep

On the shore a letter is found, she reads her fate, brought

Blues moonlight awaits, darkness seas

Bound by the web of unlikely bedfellows, hurt thee

Outside my lighted window, I walk alone

In the enchanted forest, she found a magical key

Blues moonlight awaits, darkness seas

She is waiting to travel in the key.........................

Bound by trust, the secrets unfold to the demise

She will find , Alice the sorceress

Willow road feathery mist, the fog of darkness appears

She weeps in his lost reign

With each step , she knows not her fate

Mountains block the cosmic doors

Chasing serpents, ghosts haunting

Still cello door will open in astral love

Caressed roses in lovers paths

Bring not the last orb, you keep

Free his bound servant soul

I know not where shall you be

With each treasure I will find you ......

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