I am a Preschool Teacher
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I am a Preschool Teacher

by deborahanneshep

I taught children character was inside them

I taught the children in school age , it was ok to feel

I taught all children, they have a voice to be heard, and make difference

I showed them 4h skills

I shared my path , my dreams , my feelings to show I was real

We shared about there customs, celebrations

I taught the military kids, showed there culture was important

We became the second family , to let them know you are safe at school

We shared about pets, and how to take care of them

We shared about deployment when they had to leave I helped dry tears, make family maps

I taught 23 years , and retired , the parents and I bonded close I still talk to them on Facebook , through snail , emails

The hardest was watching families emotions , the families , all branches count

Coming home the best, I miss that , but in my heart I feel the love they shared with me

I received awards when I left but the best was

They became the teachers after I left, click take your picture!

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