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by deborahanneshep

We build a bridge, some from childhood , some from schools, travel others

Some meet in lifetime experience , it changes us along life's path

Some we met in crowd and felt a connection

Some they just brush with paintbrush and it sits in a clear sky

Some have no faces we met them on the internet

The faces sometimes don't match with words

Sometimes it is a song which brings us together briefly

Then there is the times memories are made

Just walking we can encounter lifetime friends

But what about that certain someone , you want to connect with isn't around, can you make it happen Each of the roads, the journeys, are like magical doors

we place for safe keeping to hold them

we build the memory

it travels down the road to make it stay

then you look over the side and see you have been safe with them all , they keep in there heart soul, it is distance but it makes the memories grow as the beautiful garden of life

it is the sunset of life , we carry each day and add pages , I have added so many and they are hearts precious

so next time you feel sad, miss your friends family , even your Facebook internet friends family , look up smnile close your eyes , they are there

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