Even in death , I love thee
Even in death , I love thee stories

deborahanneshepCommunity member
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Even in death , I love thee

by deborahanneshep

Life , love death, I still love thee

As the wind blows through time , I seek thee

I feel his jasmine kisses, soft lullabies

Your arms wrapped in opalescent pearls

Soft eyes hues to mine, candle lit nigh

Loves tender kisses to my waiting lips

I feel you even in death shall be

I comfort thy soul to mine , as the night drapes its longing shroud

My love is sweetest kiss bestowed on thy lips

Loves caressed sheer notes to share

Draped in velvet squares, magical light

You left by tray as morn' captivated your night bliss

Seek thee the perils of time

Embrace me through loves touch, by righteous kiss

I shall hold thee in morning light, forever sweet love of min

With loves wings I shall fly above the clouds awaiting you

I love thee , My Juliet for thee is my everlasting love

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