My love, this is what i hope
My love, this is what i hope stories

debbiemeow I just wanna write poems
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Love poem from a self-destructive

My love, this is what i hope

i hope my love doesn’t ruin you

that when you see another woman’s lips

all you can remember is mine possessively whispering love against yours

i hope my love doesn’t kill you

that i’ll never have to stand over your corpse

watch how I left you drained of affection and bleeding words of affirmation

sorries spills from your lips while i think

they should spill from mine

the ones that kissed you first

that roped you in with non secrets

and when i watch you drive your fist through the laundry room door

it feels like a dream because

i used to be the rageful one

love is supposed to heal but

what if my love broke you

my love, i didn’t mean to give you the hate

i couldn’t carry myself

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