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debbiearutaDebbie Aruta holds a B.A. in English Lit
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My story

by debbiearuta

Once upon a time I was born in New Jersey

but I didnt stay there...

I knew in my heart I was southern

I got married young and moved to the south

New Jersey is a gorgeous state, but I needed to move

I am now in Georgia for over 20 years and it is where my heart and soul are at.

Though I love my mom dearly, I loved living in the south

and I still do!!

I love all the southern charm in Georgia, but New Jersey is

so beautiful in its own way

I will continue next time...

stay tuned for some things about the south

Savannah is one of my favorite cities in the south.

History,ghosts,buildings. It has a long story.

Tybee Island is my favorite place on Earth to go to.

the ocean,sunrises and sunsets, water,waves, salt in your hair, pure magic.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens delight me at all times of year

Gardens in green gorgeousness

Southern Blooming trees

we have some gorgeous trees in the south

coffee houses , bars, food places

third places to gather among community is key

Pets and loved ones surround me in the south

my kids live in georgia with me, they are my soul, along with my kitty , King Henry V

Georgia Peaches

Another great reason to live in the south. these are to die for good


indian festival, literary festival, life in Georgia is sweet

Paths, hiking, woods, and life

Sweet everywhere, but the light here is so dreamy

Georgia is my Sunshine

I love it here,,,more to come next time.........

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