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You were never happy as an Omega….it just wasn’t fair. Why couldn’t you be more like your parents. Well that is what you keep telling yourself as you stack books away for your meaningless job. Living in a small town of the Cape you tried to be happy with your life but dreams of this mysterious man made you want more out of life and well maybe your life was going to change since your dream man just walked through the doors. Loki wasn’t like his brother, he’s never felt that pull….that desire to have or find is mate. He was a god…an Alpha…the man was happy alone.That was until he found you, he didn’t want it to be true. In fact the first time he saw you he ran away not wanting to believe but how long can he really last away from you.

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Reright The Stars

Asgard; Loki thought of it as his home and while he was heart broken to see it go the man was just happy to be close with his brother again.

Relaxing in the chair the one thing he wasn’t pleased about was the whole living on earth part. Biting his tongue, he had to hold back his comment.

Part of Loki knew it was good for the Asgardians, but it also felt like his oaf of a brother was just looking for his mate.

Scoffing he didn’t understand that, they were Alpha’s and he knew for a fact that Thor could get anyone he wanted so why settle for some low life omega.

His stomach churned at the thought, he didn’t know what was worse…finding out your one true mate was an omega or the fact that the chances could be human.

Scowling to yourself, it really felt like the god hated you. Biting your inner cheek, you quickly swallowed the suppressant then slipped out of bed.

Of course, you had to go into heat now…well at least it didn’t happen while you were at work, that would have been a disaster.

Taking a deep breath to suppress the shudder you slipped out of the pajamas then into a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt.

Grabbing your house key’s, you were soon out the door intending on getting something to eat before you tried to figure out what you were going to do for the day.

To say Loki was pissed off was an understatement really,

after Thor brought the people to the very place their father said would be perfect the idiot then decided to drag him half way across the country to visit SHIELD.

That was until Thor realized his mistake by bringing him along might cause problems decided to dump him off in some stupid little town in the state of Massachusetts.

Grumbling under his breath, at least the salt air was nice and well the town seemed less crowed than New York would be, so he was grateful on that part.

Taking a deep breath, he magicked up a suit, so he wouldn’t stand out then decided to explore the town, of course he did not know that this would turn his whole world upside down.

Smiling at one of your closest friends, you just took a sip of your water then sighed. The redhead gave you a sympathetic smile then patted your hand. Why couldn’t you be like her….

well you could answer that question yourself.

She was an alpha and you were just some stupid omega, hell your father was an Alpha and your mother was a beta…why did you have to be stuck like this.

“So, I’m just taking a shot in the dark and say the reason why you’re moping is due to you being in heat?”

Flushing you quickly shoved a fried clam in your mouth, but you knew you’d have to answer her eventually, she was never prone to dropping things.

“Yea…lucky I’m off for the next two days but the thing is…I don’t even know why.” You just wrinkled your nose in thought.

“You think those dreams have something to do with it Brooke ?”

You hopped not, those dreams are what kept you awake and panting at night. Those eyes and got that long black hair…you wanted to run your fingers through it.

Biting your lip, you pulled away from that then quickly took a swig of your water to calm yourself.

“God…wouldn’t that be my luck.”

You muttered under your breath until you felt the hair on your arms stand up and god what was that smell….it smelt so good.

Turning around your eyes went wide as your heart started to slam in your chest,

yea god must really hate you because the man you’ve been dreaming about…well he was now standing five feet away from you.

“Could this day get any worse.”

Loki felt like he was being drawn to something, normally he went and did what ever he liked but it honestly felt like he was being pulled to this location, that he had no control over his legs.

Looking up at the small little food shack ‘honestly could humans be anymore odd’ Scoffing he decided that he might as well see what it was that made him come to this stupid place.

Wrinkling is nose he took a large whiff then sighed as he felt a shiver run down his spine, now that scent was mouthwatering.

As he got closer to the scent the god suddenly felt his heart clench painfully in his chest and that’s when he saw you…god you were beautiful.

The perfect mate, perfect omega, or were the one meant for him. Well that was until he pushed the thoughts of you out of his head as his nails dug deep into his palm.

Nononon, this was the one thing that he didn’t want.

Loki never thought he would even find his ‘one true mate’ but if he ever did he had hoped it at least would be like him…but a human! Those soft creatures that could break like a tooth pick.

Shaking his head, the god slowly stepped back ignoring the ache in is chest,

he refused to believe this and like that he was gone as a million thoughts swarmed through his mind leaving an equally confused you behind.

Licking your lips your heart went to racing a mile a minute to feeling like it was getting ripped from your chest.

Why did it feel like you had your heart broken when you didn’t even know him?

Yes, he was handsome, with that inky black hair, those eyes and god that scent he almost felt like the…oh know…he was your one true mate and he was no…running away.

Was that why it hurt so much, because he was rejecting you. Tensing you then frowned digging your nails into your palm.

Ass! What you weren’t good enough. Narrowing your eyes that is how it always seemed, the Alpha’s were always looking for the perfect mate, you thought they liked Omega’s.

Well fuck him! He looked like a prick anyways.

Still seething you were only pulled from the haze once your friend tapped you on the shoulder.

“Um you alright Brooke?”

“Oh? Me… yea I’m just peachy. Let’s go to the beach.” You said rather quickly just wanting to get out of the restaurant and to get some fresh air.

Your friend Eliza quickly chased after you, her arm clutching yours as she let her head rest against your shoulders.

“That was him, right?” Frowning she just gave your arm a light squeeze followed by a smile as she tugged you to her car. “Well forget him…I mean he’s probably not even the one.”

You had to roll your eyes at that part, the one…so stupid.

“You said you wanted to head to the beach right…well let’s go.”

Chuckling you were relived the young woman quickly dropped the subject, happy that she was doing something to help you, something to take your mind off this troubling matter.

Nodding your head, you just gave her a smile slipping into her car ignoring the prickling feeling of being watched.

Of course, you were being watched, Loki could not help himself. He was still trying to wrap his mind around this.

Around the hole situation but still he needed to make sure you were okay, biting his tongue he was still holding a scowl on his face as you walked off with the other Alpha.

Ignoring the pain in his chest he decided to follow you.

Even though he was not happy with finding out what you are to him, he still needed to make sure you will be okay.

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