The Suffering

                  The Suffering narcissist stories

deadmermaid1988 beautifully awakened by the arts
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The transformation that takes place within a relationship of an empath & a narcissist.

The Suffering

Incessant suffering caused by the smoldering abhorrence you harbor within ...

Envelopes every part of my being, constricting me until I collude my demolished soul. You are the master and I am your perennial slave....

And honestly at this point I wouldn't have it any other way. I exotically dance in the calamity of fists, split lips, and cold hearted infidelities... Profanity being the continuous beat of these overbearing melodies.

I am permanently sealed away from the world of self acceptance and true love. Qualities I have been brainwashed to perceive I am unworthy of.

Habitual abuse infuse the shatterproof trauma bonds that sink its insatiable roots into my solitary imprisonment. We are one.

I am him and HE IS EVERY PART OF ME, an inseparable parasitic twin. This possession of venomous romance is my untimely conclusion, left to infinitely ingest this mental confusion.

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