Golden Speckled Eyes
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deadmermaid1988 beautifully awakened by the arts
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The growing obsession of lust brought on by the golden speckled eyes of a hidden monster.

Golden Speckled Eyes

Your fluttering, golden speckled eyes burn holes into my skull like smashed cigarette butts twisting angrily all the way down to the bone.

I am caught between breaths, slow dancing to a melancholy song inside the self inflicted incisions ripped across my bent neck. I can't help but smile... Id do anything to keep you around for more than just a while.

You captivate me, so I can't help but let your savage spirit crawl inside of me... Viciously eat me from the inside out.

Along side of strategic chess-like moves that anchor the shards of manipulative tendencies that will later mutilate me with the passion of a thousand slasher films.

Yet I still can't get enough, I am easily enchanted by the mendacious incantations exchanged back and forth from our love sickened souls. There is no rush like the love of of an abusive bloodlust, in this suffering I have decayed into a rotting corpse sacrificed before my own mistrust...

The fluttering of your golden speckled eyes force me on a voracious rollercoaster ride that continuously feeds off my innocuous nature until I am nothing more.... until you have eaten all I can endure.

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