The Little Mermaid's Eternal Soul (Part 3)
The Little Mermaid's Eternal Soul (Part 3) forgiveness stories

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*Caution: Contains Mature Themes*
The 3rd and final part of "The Little Mermaid's Eternal Soul."

The Little Mermaid's Eternal Soul (Part 3)

She smiled and nodded at him again.

Later that evening when the sun had nearly set, the mermaid went wading on the seashore,

holding her baby and letting her enjoy the beautiful sight of the ocean and the sound of waves splashing on shore.

She was almost ready to go back inside the castle, when she noticed something in the waves cautiously coming toward her.

Then the mermaid recognized her, it was the sea witch! When the sea witch was close enough, she grinned at her former client, and the infant in her arms.

Then she motioned for the mermaid to step a little bit closer. After she did, the sea witch gently rested one hand on the new mother’s arm, and rested her other hand on the baby’s forehead.

She closed her eyes in concentration; after a moment of what almost seemed like being in a trance the sea witch opened her eyes and grinned again.

Finally, she began to explain her surprise visit. “Your sisters saw that you tossed the dagger back into the sea. But they saw no sign of you jumping in and turning into seafoam.

Your sisters frantically resurfaced, wondering what happened. Next thing they knew, there was the sound of crying, followed by hurried footsteps.

From what your dedicated sisters could understand from the voices on the ship, it sounded like you passed out after giving birth to an infant.

Indeed, so you did! That is why you are still alive. Even though the prince married another woman, he still gave you an immortal soul when you became pregnant with his daughter there.

Even though you were comatose and unable to consent, you still carried and nourished a human infant inside of you before finally bringing this new human life into the world!”

The mermaid gawked in surprise for a few seconds, then smiled in contentment.

It all made sense, and there was nothing to fear now! Before leaving, the sea witch gave her a small vial and said “Before you fall asleep tonight, rub this on your feet.

Don’t worry about payment this time; go and live a happy human life with your new daughter!” Then the sea witch winked at the new mother and baby before disappearing beneath the waves.

With that, the now-human mermaid carried her baby back into the castle. She hid the vial before joining the prince and his wife for dinner.

When it was finally time for bed, the young waif brought the vial out from its hiding spot and rubbed the contents on her feet after sitting on her bed.

Then she laid down on her side, facing her sleeping infant, and covered herself and her baby with the blankets.

The next morning the new human girl was awakened by the sound of her daughter crying.

She quickly scooped the baby up in her arms and stood up, gently rocking her while she paced around the room. Just then, she noticed something.

The new mother continued walking with her baby, and it was then she realized that her feet didn’t hurt anymore!

She looked out the window at the sea, smiling; the sea witch had shown her caring side! The warmth of her mother’s hold soothed the baby, who grinned at the official human waif.

The mother smiled back at her infant, then laid down again and had her suck more milk out of her nipple.

Here the new human was, still nourishing a newborn human life with her body after nourishing it inside of her before giving birth.

She watched in contentment as her baby daughter drank milk, and stroked her hair with her fingers.

Just then, the door opened and the prince’s wife entered. “Oh my, I’m so sorry!”, she cried in embarrassment upon seeing the mute waif’s infant drinking milk.

The young mother merely smiled and motioned for the princess to come in. So she entered and sat on the bed with the mother and baby.

“My husband just received a visit from a young man who is apparently interested in you. This man happens to be one of the musicians who played at our wedding reception.

Apparently you really captured his heart with your beauty, elegance, and dancing.

But as sweet and darling as you are, whose heart wouldn’t you capture?” She kissed the former mermaid on the cheek before asking “Would you be willing to meet him later in the day?”

The waif nodded in approval. The princess kissed her cheek again before going to notify the prince.

The musician was thrilled to hear that his love interest was willing to meet him, and announced he would return at noon.

So he did, and after she danced to his performance the musician took the former mermaid and her daughter out for a picnic, followed by a walk on the beach.

They had a wonderful time together, and when the evening came and they stood outside the castle, the lovestruck musician kissed her on the lips before saying good-night. She smiled and blushed.

The musician continued to court the mute girl, and he grew to love her daughter as well.

Before long, the former mermaid had a husband of her own! She and the musician married, and it was a wonderful wedding followed by an equally wonderful reception.

The prince and princess were especially happy for the couple.

When the new bride and her baby daughter settled in at her new groom’s home, the prince and his wife gave the newly married couple gifts of fine clothing, décor, and other valuable riches.

As time went on, the former mermaid had three more daughters with her musician husband, while the royal couple had two sons and two daughters.

The mute beauty never forgot the sea witch’s ‘command’ to live a happy human life, which is exactly what she did.

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