The Little Mermaid's Eternal Soul (Part 1)
The Little Mermaid's Eternal Soul (Part 1) forgiveness stories

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*Caution: Contains Mature Themes*
A new version, including a new ending of the original "The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Andersen. Upon discovering the now-human mermaid on the beach, the handsome prince gives in to his urges before bringing her to his castle. He quickly regrets this action, but ironically it results in the former mermaid gaining an eternal soul and being able to carry on in her new human existence.

The Little Mermaid's Eternal Soul (Part 1)

It was very early in the morning, and the sun was just barely beginning to show itself. The prince decided this would be a perfect time to stroll along the beach in front of his castle.

No one else in the castle was awake yet, but that was fine with him.

He took in a deep breath of fresh morning air when he stepped outside and began his leisurely walk along the shore.

The prince hadn’t gone far, when in the short distance he saw what appeared to be a body washed up on the beach!

He ran over to the motionless shape, and sure enough it was a young beautiful girl! Her hair was very long and silky, and light brown in color.

She had fair, ivory-toned skin and gorgeous legs and feet…whoa! When the prince’s eyes settled on this girl’s legs and feet, he noticed she was completely naked.

He knelt beside her and gently shook her shoulders.

“Miss, are you alright?” No response, but the prince saw her chest rising and falling as she breathed; he was relieved that she was at least alive.

The prince scooped the mystery gal up in his arms and carried her to a nearby gathering of large rocks. He laid her down in a clear area in the middle of the big rocks.

Then he slowly looked over the girl’s gorgeous body.

The prince had never actually seen a nude female before, and the experience was truly…invigorating! He knelt and began to trace her outline, starting at her neck.

When his fingertips reached her arms, the prince ran them along the sides of her breasts, and then underneath and up the middle. Suddenly, his pants started getting tighter.

But he couldn’t resist finishing; the next thing the prince knew his fingertips reached the girl’s hips.

What a wonderful contour her hips had! Finally, he ran his fingers down her legs and finished at her toes.

Now his pants were very tight! The prince quickly unfastened them, so he would have more space.

He started to lay down on the sleeping beauty, but then conflicted thoughts went through his mind. He was a prince and had higher moral expectations than most other folks.

The manners of a gentleman was one such expectation. But this nude gal was so lovely, and in fact she had the loveliest form the prince had ever seen.

His especially strict upbringing forced him to suppress normal human thoughts and reactions. Now he had the chance to ‘experiment.

’ Besides, no one else was around and they were well hidden behind all those large rocks.

The prince took a deep breath, and completely laid on top of this girl. He even found the correct spot and entered her body! The aroused prince barely managed to suppress a soft moan.

While remaining in intimate contact with this sleeping beauty, he started to massage her breasts.

After a couple minutes of penetration and massaging the girl’s beautiful breasts, the prince’s seed emptied inside of her!

He was so blissful and didn’t want this experience to end; he continued laying on her for a few moments panting from exhaustion, his hands still clinging tightly to those breasts.

The prince saw that the sunlight was becoming brighter, so he stood back up and refastened his pants. Then he took off his overcoat and wrapped it around the still unconscious girl.

He picked her up again and stepped out from behind the rocks. Then the prince quickly ran back to his castle.

The girl slowly opened her eyes, then began to sit up. She jumped in surprise at the sight of her surroundings! She was supposed to be laying on the shore.

But the girl found herself laying in a beautiful room, and in a large comfortable bed! She lowered the blankets and noticed that she was clothed with a light green silk robe.

Then the girl completely lowered the blankets, and sure enough she now had legs; the loveliest legs any woman could hope for! But where was she, and who brought her here?

Just then, the gal heard footsteps enter the room, then a handsome voice spoke. “Thank goodness, you’re finally awake!” The girl glanced toward the door, and her eyes widened.

It was her beloved prince! She began to breathe heavily with excitement. The prince walked over to her bedside. “Don’t be scared,” he said softly. “I found you unconscious on the seashore.

You’re in good hands now.” Then he reached out and took the newcomer’s hands in his. Her skin was so smooth and delicate. She sighed deeply, a lovestruck look on her face.

The prince couldn’t help but blush and smile at her. He gently let go of her hands and said “A few servant ladies with be in here with you soon. Sit back and relax until then.

” Still smiling at his guest, he turned and walked out the door.

The girl looked around at her new surroundings. The blankets on her bed were burgundy with gold designs, as were the pillows and canopy.

The walls were an ivory color, and decorated with fine tapestries. It wasn’t long before three servant women entered and dressed her in a red satin gown, then combed and styled her hair.

When all this was done, two of the servants left to notify their master. The third sat beside this newcomer on the side of the bed, smiling at the girl and gently stroking her hair.

“We will take the best care of you,” the servant told her, “don’t be afraid of anyone here.

” Then she kissed the girl’s cheek, who smiled back at her with an expression that simply read ‘thank you.’

Just then, the prince appeared in the doorway. “My, you look wonderful, and much better!”, he exclaimed.

Then he nodded at the servant in approval, and she smiled before standing up and retreating into the hallway. The prince sat beside the girl in the same spot, and took her hands in his again.

He asked “Who are you? Where are you from, and what happened?”

Alas, the lovely gal could not speak. She merely stared at him with sad eyes and writhed her hands. The prince just smiled and embraced her, as if to say, ‘it is alright.

’ He hated to admit it, but part of him was relieved that his new guest was mute.

Granted, she was in a deep sleep when he laid on her; but if she came to suspect anything or he confessed to her…’Just forget it ever happened!’, the prince mentally snapped at himself.

Before long, the lovely guest was in the main part of castle sitting beside the prince and his parents. A choir of singers sang for them. The girl frowned in sadness.

She used to have a voice, and it was lovelier than this whole chorus. But then the gal remembered how her movements would be more graceful than anything else.

She slowly sat up and danced to the singing.

Everyone was impressed with her dancing, especially the prince! When she was done, and everyone applauded, the prince held her close and declared “You shall always remain with me!”

The girl smiled warmly at these words, despite the intense pain in her feet. The sea witch warned that every step would feel like walking on knives.

But she was with her beloved prince, and her dancing made him so happy! However, the girl noticed that she was also sore right between her legs. The sea witch didn’t say anything about that.

Nevertheless, she accepted it as a side effect of the transformation.

Days passed, and the prince and his new companion grew closer. The pain in her feet never left, but the soreness between her legs faded. She found this rather odd but didn’t care.

However, the next thing she knew her body was changing yet again! Her abdomen started to round out and become larger, as did her breasts.

Not only were her breasts getting bigger and rounder, but her nipples were increasing in size as well, and turning from a light pink color to a nearly dark brown tone!

This wasn’t supposed to happen, and the girl couldn’t help but be just a little alarmed this time.

She obviously couldn’t ask anyone what was going on, and by now had gotten used to human modesty.

But of course, the girl decided to carry on anyway; the joy of being with her prince and hopefully marrying him so she could gain a soul far outweighed anything else.

Soon enough the girl’s abdomen stopped getting bigger, but her breasts and nipples continued to grow for another few weeks.

She was sure others had noticed, but no one ever stared at her or said anything. Then the waif figured that her otherworldly beauty and elegance canceled out these new traits.

Not to mention she quickly stole the hearts of everyone around her, including the prince. So, they probably didn’t care anyway.

Weeks turned into months, and one day the prince announced to his lovely mute companion that the next day everyone would be sailing to a nearby kingdom.

He had come of age, and his parents arranged for him to meet the princess of this other kingdom. “How can I possibly marry her?”, the prince asked the girl.

“How can I love, let alone marry a stranger? I wish I could marry the temple maiden who saved me, but I doubt I’ll ever encounter her again.

You, my mute darling, have kept my heart captive all these months and you’ve shown more devotion to me than anyone else.

How I’d like to take you as my bride!” Then he kissed the gal’s cheek and ran his hand through her long hair.

Unbeknownst to him, it was his silent foundling who really rescued him!

She was originally a mermaid, and after bringing the prince to shore she hid behind a large rock in the shallow water waiting for someone to come along and ensure he was okay.

The mermaid was so smitten with the human prince that she gave her intoxicating voice to the sea witch in exchange for a pair of legs.

She also left behind her home and family, and endured sharp pain in her feet while walking. All for the prince; if only he could know.

The next morning everyone set sail for the nearby kingdom. Upon arrival, the king and queen led the prince and his gorgeous foundling into the castle.

They bowed before the king and queen of this kingdom, and after a few minutes of waiting the princess finally entered. The prince couldn’t believe his eyes!

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