Splash: An Alternate Chain of Events (Part 2)
Splash: An Alternate Chain of Events (Part 2) mermaid stories

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The 2nd and final part of my alternate ending to the classic mermaid flick "Splash" by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer.

Splash: An Alternate Chain of Events (Part 2)

He slowly turned around, many people sobbing and weeping now. Freddie and Walter ran over to him.

All of a sudden, Madison’s fingers began to twitch, and her tail flicked! It was her tail flicking that first caught the attention of her countless mourners.

There were loud gasps from the crowd. Allen, Freddie, and Walter quickly spun around, and of course they were as stunned as the audience of mourners.

The mermaid let out a soft moan before slowly opening her eyes. Her pale skin was returning to its normal tone. Dr.

Kornbluth rushed to the other side of the bier and gently lifted and held Madison under her shoulders. The now alive mermaid was trying to sit up on her own but was quite dazed.

Waking up from a regular night of sleep is one thing, but to wake up after being dead is its own challenge, the redeemed scientist immediately concluded,

and he gladly kept supporting her in that position. The crowd continued to watch in awe as Madison slowly but surely continued to reawaken.

Just then, the mermaid realized someone was holding her. She glanced to her side and saw Walter. She gasped in fear and tried to back away, but he firmly held on to her.

“It’s okay, my love,” she heard a familiar voice say softly. Madison turned around, and her eyes widened in shock and surprise. There was Allen, smiling at her warmly and excitedly!

“Allen?...” Madison stuttered weakly. “What’s happening? I’m supposed to be dead.” Then she looked down and saw her fish tail, plus the lab coat.

She peeked inside her apparel, only to see that her stab wound had completely healed!

“You were dead,” her beloved human said. “But now you’re here again, alive and well.

And you know what? I’m never been more thankful!” Allen practically shouted with delight, then he wrapped his arms around the mermaid and pulled her in for another passionate kiss!

The crowd burst into applause and cries of joy, while Freddie grinned and raised his eyebrows. Walter didn’t say or do anything, but he was glowing with happiness and warmth.

After the long kiss, Madison noticed the huge audience watching her and Allen. The resurrected mermaid cried out in fear. Then Freddie spoke to her. “It’s all right, darling.

No one is going to harm you in any way again.” Madison looked at her lover’s brother, and immediately knew she could trust him.

She smiled brightly, then noticed her cheeks were slightly damp. Madison raised a finger and rubbed her cheek, then looked at it. She sniffed her finger, and the mermaid’s smile lengthened.

Madison looked back at Allen and revealed why she was full of life once more.

Her skin was directly touched by his tears, which were full not only of despair at her death but also of real love and affection.

When Madison finished explaining her revival, the minister walked back up to her.

He gave her a friendly smile and declared “In all my years, I’ve never seen a miracle like this!

” Then he blessed her with the holy water and said, “May you live long and joyous years, beautiful creature of God.” The mermaid smiled at him, and he winked at her before leaving.

Just then, Dr. Kornbluth cleared his throat. Madison, Allen, and Freddie glanced toward him, as did their audience.

He lowered his head and asked sheepishly “Dear Madison, is there any way you can forgive a blind fool like me?”

The mermaid merely smiled, then pulled him toward her and gave him a quick kiss. Walter smiled back and blushed a little bit.

Suddenly, Madison felt a strange yet all too familiar sensation in her tail.

It had been a little while since Allen watered it before she reawakened from the grip of death; she knew what was coming.

Next thing the mermaid knew, the crowd was oohing and awing in wonder as her dried out tail turned into legs again.

“Can you teach me how to do that sometime?” Freddie joked, and everyone laughed with him. Madison stepped off the bier, Allen holding on to her.

Everybody cheered for the couple, and Madison gave her supporters a friendly wave.

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