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A young mermaid is captured by a fisherman and taken to an aquarium, where she becomes the main attraction.
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Melissa the Mermaid

Near the Hawaiian Islands there lived a tween mermaid named Melissa. She had long curly light-brown hair, bright green eyes, and an orange tail.

She wore a short pearl necklace with a starfish in the middle. Melissa was playful and full of energy, all her fellow merfolk loved her.

One day, Melissa and a few of her friends were playing tag near the surface.

A fisherman saw Melissa and dropped a net over her! The young mermaid frantically tried to untangle the net, but to no avail. “Help me, please!”, Melissa cried out to her pals.

They were just about to try and free her when the fisherman pulled her up on his boat and set sail back to land.

The captured mermaid was placed in a tank at an aquarium. The fisherman who caught her received a large sum of money, and he became famous very fast.

As for Melissa, she immediately became the aquarium’s biggest attraction. Humans from around the world came to see her.

They stared at the mermaid in fascination, and some took photographs of her while others took videos.

Despite Melissa’s new fame and admiration, she missed her home terribly. Every day and night she gazed at the ocean waves. At times she saw a few of her fellow merfolk in the distance.

They truly wanted to help her but didn’t know how. Melissa did befriend some dolphins and seals whose tanks were on either side of hers.

Nevertheless, the young mermaid longed to be with her brethren again.

One day when the aquarium was closed, Melissa gazed at the ocean like she often did. The mermaid lowered her gaze, and noticed the ground outside between her tank and the shore.

For the first time, Melissa noticed the distance between the two. She then glanced around the tank, studying the amount of water.

Finally, the imprisoned mermaid knew what to do, and it was so simple!

Melissa swam all the way to the other side of her tank. Next, she swam full-speed toward the side facing the ocean, and banged her tail against the glass.

Water instantly poured out, taking Melissa with it. At last, she was free! The next thing the mermaid knew, she was back in the ocean water.

Melissa glanced back at her dolphin and seal companions. She called to them “It’s okay! You’re close enough to the shore that you can escape too!” To her surprise, they decided to stay.

They enjoyed the love and admiration from humans, and the food that was freely given to them. The seals especially also loved not having to worry about predators.

But they completely understood Melissa, who in return respected their point of view.

The mermaid swam out to deeper water. Then Melissa waved good-bye to the seals and dolphins, and disappeared beneath the waves.

She swam as fast as she could, eager to be reunited with her other merfolk.

After swimming for what seemed like hours, Melissa was greeted and welcomed home by her beloved brethren at last! She told them about her escape, and they were all impressed.

Most of all, they were filled with joy at finally having Melissa back.

From that day on, Melissa was more cautious near the surface, especially around boats and ships. If a boat or other watercraft came too close for comfort the mermaid immediately dived deeper.

As a result of her newly gained caution and knowledge from experience, Melissa was never captured again.

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