Bride of Death, Part 1
Bride of Death, Part 1 grimreaper stories

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The night before her wedding, a beautiful charming bride-to-be is snatched away by another groom...Death himself! The feared entity turns out to be a gentle caring lover, and in death his beloved receives eternal slumber, in addition to fame for remaining incorrupt many years after her supernatural husband claims her as his.
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Bride of Death, Part 1

The unseen entity slowly flew over the streets of a medieval city. He was widely feared and hated, despite providing a necessary service and bringing most mortals to eternal peace and joy.

This entity was Death himself.

On this particular clear and quiet evening, Death was approaching a huge elaborate mansion belonging to an influential high-ranking family.

Upon arriving on the premises, Death floated to the backside of the large building, going to the living quarters of this lord and lady's daughter.

She was their sole surviving offspring, and famous throughout the land for her beauty, charm, innocence and purity.

She was known as "the maiden with the body and intellect of an adult, but the loving heart and personality of a child."

Finally, Death arrived at the lovely woman's balcony. Inside her chambers, a few female servants were tending to the maiden, who was filled with joy and excitement.

Tomorrow she was to be married to the son of a local count. The couple had courted for a while now, and were finally getting least, that's what everyone thought and planned on.

Invisible as the air surrounding him, Death gazed at the jubilant gal whose servants were assisting her with picking out tomorrow's jewelry, hair accessories, and the dress itself.

The lord and lady's daughter had many fine dresses and other belongings, and it was difficult to make just one selection for her anticipated big day.

Finally, the lady servants and their mistress decided on a long-sleeved white dress with a red bodice and adorned with red ribbons,

and a matching headpiece consisting of a gold circlet encrusted with white and red gemstones, and a red veil attached on the back.

"Yes, this will do perfectly!", the excited bride exclaimed.

Just then, the lady of the household called for these lady servants.

Before exiting the chamber with the others, the last remaining servant turned toward her mistress and said, "You should hurry and put on your nightgown,

if you sleep with this dress on you're bound to put wrinkles in it! We'll be back first thing tomorrow morning to dress you though. Good night and pleasant dreams, my mistress!"

The maiden smiled and bid her a goodnight as well. After this servant closed the door, the joyful maiden continued looking in the mirror, still admiring tomorrow's selected outfit.

Finally, she went to her bedside to change into her nightgown.

Suddenly, a strong but gentle wind blew through the bride's room. The candles and lamps immediately flickered out. The maiden sighed and went to close the doors of her balcony.

After doing so, she spun around back toward her bed, and gasped! Right before her stood a tall shape, garbed in a black cloak and hood.

She couldn't see any facial or other features, but the frightened gal could tell this intruder was a male.

Before the maiden could scream, this unknown man placed a finger over her rose-red lips. His touch was chilly, but tender.

He studied her entire appearance, from the long and raven-black hair and bright blue eyes to the shape of her busty breasts, and to the contour of her curved hips.

Yes indeed, this lovely maiden had the most appealing form ever gazed upon by the unwelcome entity.

Death immediately knew that had he been a mortal man, he'd be experiencing extreme arousal right now!

Just then, the voluptuous lady began whimpering in fear.

Did she somehow know he'd been checking out her feminine features? She was frightened by his sudden visit and spooky appearance, that was for sure.

Death merely glided to her side, then placed an arm around her waist before leading the betrothed gal to her bed. He sat her down on the side, and then sat by her.

The entity placed his finger over her lips again; the trembling bride merely nodded and began shedding silent tears.

Death gently wiped the tears off her cheeks, then he ran his chilly fingers through her jet-black hair. Next, he massaged her shoulders, and then glided his cold hands down her sides.

How invigorating it was to actually feel that curvy body, without violating her! The maiden stayed silent, occasionally whimpering and shedding a tear.

The next thing she knew, Death gently pushed her down on the bed, then wrapped the beautiful mortal in a tight embrace.

Then to her bewilderment, the entity lowered his featureless face to hers, and claimed her lips with a passionate kiss! The maiden actually closed her eyes in bliss.

After a moment, Death pinned her shoulders to the bed while keeping her lips covered with his. The gal didn't think anything of it...until she suddenly felt a few weird sensations in her body!

The lovely maiden's breath and heart rate drastically decreased. She felt herself become overwhelmed with a whole new level of fatigue, and sensed her joints slowly going stiff.

Then, a freezing chill jolted and settled throughout her body! Her blood...she couldn't explain it, but the beautiful mortal knew her blood was beginning to congeal!

Her eyes shot open! "No, no! Please, no...," she begged, but to no avail.

The entity wrapped his arms around her again, this time nearly crushing her delicate form, before giving her another kiss, only this one was swifter, and...

sharper! Then, she felt a strange sensation in her pelvic area. The blood there was rapidly congealing of course, but there was a stinging tingling as well.

Just then, the terrified bride felt all this discomfort instantly go away. Then she felt this visitor pull her up and stand her on her feet. The maiden slowly opened her eyes.

"What just happened?", she asked. Death slowly pointed toward her bed. She looked over, and screamed in despair! The maiden herself was laying on her bed! But how could that be?...

Then she reached for her bed and attempted to grab on to the blankets...

but her hands passed right through the textiles! The desperate gal cried out again, and brought her hands to her face before glancing down at the rest of her body.

She was completely transparent! Now it clicked...she was dead, and her ghost was standing beside her physical body!

The newly deceased ghost lost it; she fell to her knees and screamed in agony. Alas, her wailing was unheard by everyone else in the mansion.

Death merely looked on, allowing her to express her devastated disbelief. After several minutes of screaming and weeping, the maiden's spirit slowly stood back up.

Then she turned back toward the entity. "Are you, Death itself?"

The visitor gave a solemn nod. The departed soul then glared, and hissed, "Why did you do this to me?! I was supposed to get married tomorrow, and my parents were supposed to..."

Death raised a finger to his unseen lips, while placing another finger on hers.

Then he wrapped his arms around her delicate shoulders, and said in a soft hoarse whisper, "The world is too cruel, for a pure and lovely gem like you. Time would've caught up too.

Besides, you may not know now, but yourself and your doting parents will gain the intangible gift of fame throughout that you are my bride, dear one!"

The beautiful ghost gasped. "What do you mean, I'm your bride?"

Death pulled her toward him.

Grasping one hand on the back of her neck and the other around her waist, he practically smothered the soul with a new kiss, and tightly pressed his form on to hers.

Suddenly, the departed spirit noticed that same stinging feeling in her pelvic area. She gasped again, and her eyes widened. Death merely nodded at her in acknowledgement.

The fair soul shook, and she began weeping again.

Her supernatural sudden mate held her close. The entity gave her tender kisses on her forehead, cheeks, chin, and the top of her neck.

Then he gently stroked his fingers through her beautiful spectral hair. His beloved suddenly let out a long sigh, then whispered, "Well, at least you're a sweet and charming lover."

She sensed him smiling warmly at her. "Thank you, my lovely bride," he replied. Then he slowly waved his fingers in front of her eyes.

The lovely ghost smiled, then closed her eyes as she began to faint. Her paranormal groom swiftly caught her in his arms.

He smiled at his sleeping ghost bride before carrying her to the balcony, passing through the doors as he did so. Then he carried her off to where her corpse would soon be laid to rest.

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