Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 9)
Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 9) romance stories

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A few more bangs, and the mob broke through the doorway. Sharpner led the way inside, Krillin and the rest of the villagers right behind him. When the entire mob was within the castle walls, Goku and Vegeta both shouted “Action!”, at the same time.

Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 9)

A few more bangs, and the mob broke through the doorway. Sharpner led the way inside, Krillin and the rest of the villagers right behind him.

When the entire mob was within the castle walls, Goku and Vegeta both shouted “Action!”, at the same time.

To the disbelief and terror of the mob, every inanimate item began attacking!

Bulma slapped a few guys with her doors; Chi-Chi and Goten poured hot tea on a few others; every pot, pan, duster, any item one can think of that had been a human before the Supreme Kai’s curse,

was defending the castle from the angry villagers.

However, Sharpner managed to evade fighting with the animate object servants.

He made his way to the stairs, then glanced back at the mob again, including Krillin whom Bee was chasing and attempting to bite.

Sharpner sighed and shook his head before ascending the staircase. “These so-called men can’t defend themselves against simple items and things.

Well, I’m going to catch and kill the actual beast!”, he muttered.

Krillin noticed when Sharpner reached the top of the staircase and continued on his mission, not caring about him or any one of the others. Well, this was the final straw.

Suddenly, Bee pounced on Krillin. The bald man cried “Whoa, easy there boy! I’m on your side now!” With that, Krillin whistled.

Everyone, and everything, stopped what they were doing and immediately looked over at him. Krillin didn’t speak, but he pointed toward Sharpner.

The blond guy was about to disappear behind a wall. Luckily the rest of the villagers saw him before they lost sight.

Videl’s pursuer arrived at the West Wing entrance. He slowly opened the door and tiptoed inside. Then, he saw the were-ape, hunching over the encased rose.

Sharpner readied his bow and an arrow, then shot at the beast! Gohan roared loudly in pain, and his assailant rushed at him and wrestled him out onto the balcony.

The obsessed creep kicked the were-ape, causing him to fall over the balcony railing and onto the roof.

It had begun raining and thundering outside, which made being outside on the roof even more awkward to say the least. Luckily Gohan made it to another flat part.

But Sharpner kicked him over again.

“Come on and fight back! Or are you too big of a sweet and gentle sissy?”, he taunted.

Gohan was now at the side of the flat surface. Just then, something caught his attention.

A familiar pink equine with two riders galloped through the open gates before coming to a slow and steady halt. The larger and taller rider dismounted first, followed by the slimmer one.

She glanced up toward the beast. “Gohan!”, the girl called out.

The were-ape couldn’t believe it! “Videl?”, he said weakly. Unbeknownst to him, Sharpner was coming up from behind, holding a dagger he’d kept hidden until now!

Fortunately, Videl noticed and yelled “No Sharpner, enough already!”

Just as the pompous human guy was about to stab Gohan in the back, the were-ape quickly stood up and spun around. He grabbed Sharpner’s wrists, preventing him from attacking.

Gohan then began pushing back, bringing himself and his assailant further away from the roof’s edge. Sharpner grunted in annoyance, but then stomped on the beast’s foot.

It didn’t hurt Gohan too much, but enough that he roared in surprise and let go of his opponent’s wrists.

Sharpner smirked evilly before swiping his weapon at the beast. Gohan jumped behind him and pounced, taking his nemesis by surprise.

The two enemies continued swinging kicks and punches at each other. Sharpner once again had the were-ape close to the edge of the roof.

He raised his dagger again and shouted “Time to die, beast! Videl will now be mine!”

This infuriated Gohan! The beast glared at his nemesis and roared loudly.

Then he grabbed Sharpner’s neck and spun around, holding his foe over the side of the roof! A now panicked Sharpner cried “No, don’t drop me, please! I’ll do anything you want!”

Hearing his enemy’s pleas and seeing the fear in his eyes quickly made Gohan’s expression soften.

He remembered that this is how he was before, and didn’t want to go back to those old ways of his.

Gohan was also reminded of those final seconds before the curse, when he himself begged the Supreme Kai for forgiveness.

Gohan brought Sharpner back over the flat surface of the roof and gently dropped him. The blond guy fell onto his back. The were-ape softly growled “Leave, and never come back!”

Suddenly, he heard Videl shout “Gohan!”

The were-ape looked, and saw his lady love standing behind the railing of the West Wing balcony. “Videl!”, he exclaimed happily, then began climbing up the slope of the roof.

At last, the lovestruck were-ape was reunited with the one he loved! He took her hand in his paw and gazed into her eyes. “You really came back…”

Suddenly, the beast roared in pain and flinched back! Sharpner had sneaked up and stabbed him in the back, with his dagger in one hand and one of his arrows in the other!

The creep smiled wickedly for a few seconds, but then Gohan began to fall backward, only to be caught by Videl.

Sharpner wasn’t so lucky; his target’s flinching and nearly falling made him lose his balance and grip.

When he finally realized his mistake, it was too late! Sharpner screamed in terror as he fell into the distance.

A horrified Videl lifted the wounded Gohan over onto the balcony, who laid on his back. The beast smiled weakly and whispered “You returned, Videl.”

His lady love cried “Well, of course! I didn’t want…oh no! I was too late!”

Just then she glanced over at the entrance to the balcony from the West Wing, and saw that Goku, Vegeta, Chi-Chi, Goten, Bulma, Bee, Hercule, and even Krillin, were all gathered right there,

watching in shock and heartbreak. Gohan saw their little audience too. He merely smiled before returning his gaze to Videl. The were-ape said softly “Maybe, this is for the better.

I won’t suffer anymore.”

“Don’t say that!”, Videl cried. “I’m here now; you’re going to be okay!”

Gohan gently ran his claws through her hair. He coughed, then whispered “At least I got to see you, once more.” Then his paw went limp and fell across his chest.

The were-ape’s entire body was limp, and his eyes were closed.

“No!”, Videl sobbed, “No, please don’t die; please don’t leave me!” The distraught gal buried her face in his chest and pounded her fists against him.

“How can this be?”, she whispered, and then, “I love him…I love you, Gohan.” Videl shed tears and quietly sobbed, her face still buried in Gohan’s chest.

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