Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 8)
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Thanks to the enchanted mirror, Videl had no trouble with locating Hercule. He was unconscious, but luckily Oolong cooperated by lowering his body so Videl could lift him on his back before climbing back on herself.

Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 8)

Thanks to the enchanted mirror, Videl had no trouble with locating Hercule.

He was unconscious, but luckily Oolong cooperated by lowering his body so Videl could lift him on his back before climbing back on herself.

Finally, they began the journey back to their cottage.

When the horse reached the front steps, Videl gently helped her father off Oolong’s back and led him inside, since he was slowly but surely regaining consciousness.

Unbeknownst to the girl, someone was watching from behind the bushes who immediately ran off once she closed the door shut.

Oolong noticed this and nickered, but Videl didn’t hear him since she was inside and focused on tending to her father.

Hercule was laying in bed, his daughter placing a damp washcloth on his forehead.

When he finally came to, the man cried in surprise, “Videl, is that you? But we’re back at the cottage! How did you escape?”

The relieved gal giggled and said, “I didn’t have to escape, Dad. He let me go willingly.”

Hercule was awestruck by this, and couldn’t quite believe it. “Are you sure, sweetheart?”

“Yes!”, his daughter replied. “I know he was terrifying at first, but he really has pulled a one-eighty since then.”

Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the front door. Videl went and slowly opened the door. She was startled to see Dr.

Gero on the front step, and Sharpner and Krillin behind him along with other villagers in the yard. “What is the deal here?”, Videl demanded.

Hercule joined her and asked “Yeah, what is going on here?”

Dr. Gero smiled creepily at Videl and said, “I’m here to collect your father. Don’t worry dear, we’ll be very good to him at my asylum.”

“What?!”, Videl and Hercule exclaimed in shock and anger.

Sharpner then spoke. “Hey Hercule, tell us again about the big and scary beast,” earning loud snickers from the villagers.

Hercule said “It was the most horrible thing I’d ever seen, and gigantic! At least seven, no I mean nine feet tall!”

The villagers burst out into laughter. Then Dr. Gero and Krillin seized Hercule and started leading him to Dr. Gero’s wagon.

Videl tried to go after them, but Sharpner stepped right in front of her.

“Come on, Sharpner! You know my dad isn’t crazy!”, the desperate gal cried.

“Of course, Videl,” the blond guy replied, faking sympathy. “But this misunderstanding can be cleared up very easily. You only have to do one simple thing.”

Videl asked, “Which is?...”

Sharpner smirked and replied, “Say that you’ll marry me.”

The girl cried out in disgust and glared at her admirer. “No!”

Sharpner sighed and said to Krillin and Dr. Gero, “Well then, take Hercule away!”

“No! Let me go, you jerks!”, Videl’s father cried out. Since he was still recovering from the illness, Hercule’s attempts to fight off his captors were futile.

Suddenly, Videl shouted, “Everyone, just wait right here!” Then she hurried inside and brought out the mirror Gohan gave her.

“My dad is not insane, I’ll prove it right now,” then she said to the mirror, “Show me Gohan!”

Sure enough, the image of the were-ape roaring in sadness and despair showed up in the mirror, and Videl held it up for everyone to see.

There were loud gasps from the crowd; even Sharpner and Krillin were stunned!

“That thing looks vicious!,” Yamcha exclaimed.

“Isn’t that creature dangerous?”, Tien cried.

“No!”, Videl replied. “I know, he looks ferocious. But he’s very sweet and gentle.” She then glanced at the were-ape’s image in the mirror and said, “He’s a very good friend.”

Sharpner noticed the look in her eyes, and the tone of her voice. He snorted, “It sounds like you have feelings for this monster.”

The girl glared at him and snapped, “No! You’re the monster here, Sharpner!”

Sharpner’s jaw dropped, then he smirked and said “You’re just as nuts as your father. Bring him over here!”

With that, Dr. Gero and Krillin dragged Hercule over to Sharpner, who swept Videl up in his arms. “Put me down!”, Videl shouted, but to no avail.

Sharpner practically dropped her in the cottage cellar, then Hercule was dropped in with her.

The obsessed blond guy then locked the cottage door from the outside and announced to the villagers, “We must slay this vile creature,

and we can’t risk these kooks warning the thing of our arrival!”

Everyone nodded and shouted in agreement, so loud that nobody heard Videl yell “No!”, at the top of her lungs and try to break the cellar door open.

Within seconds the yard was clear, and everyone in the village was marching to the castle, with some folks hurrying into their homes to grab weapons.

Sharpner himself hastily entered his own cottage and returned with his bow and arrows.

However, one certain citizen was having second thoughts about the whole thing.

That person just happened to be…Krillin!

Not only was the short man beginning to realize that his relationship with Sharpner was one-sided, but Krillin was also starting to see how self-centered his idol really was.

Nevertheless he marched on with Sharpner and the villagers, at least for now.

Videl was desperate. She cried “I have to warn Gohan! But how?”

Her despair deeply saddened Hercule. He anxiously tapped his fingers together, then stroked his chin.

His daughter never gave up on him, and he sure as heck wasn’t going to give up on her! Then Hercule snapped his fingers. “Don’t you worry, Videl!”, he exclaimed.

His daughter quickly glanced at him. To her surprise, Hercule was posed in his favorite fighting stance. He grinned and raised his eyebrows.

Videl’s face immediately brightened, and she posed in the same stance. Then, father and daughter charged at the cellar door, performing the barrage of kicks and punches.

Finally, they both performed a ‘dynamite kick,’ and the cellar door broke open! Videl cried out in relief, while Hercule laughed heartily.

Oolong neighed happily and trotted over to his owners. They both mounted the pink equine. He knew what his masters wanted, so Oolong galloped in the same direction as the mob.

‘Please Gohan, hold on!’, Videl thought.

Meanwhile, at the castle Goku, Vegeta, Chi-Chi, Goten, and Bulma moped sadly. “How foolish and stupid could we be, getting our hopes so high?”, Vegeta grumbled.

Bulma spoke up. “Come on, didn’t you see how happy the master was? He finally learned to love and care, and he was the happiest I’ve ever seen him! That alone gives me comfort.”

Before anyone could say anything else, the footstool began barking and hurried over to the window. “What is it, Bee?”, Goten asked and quickly followed.

“Could it be Videl?”, Goku wondered out loud. Everyone arrived at the window, and gasped!

“It’s a mob of invaders, and they’ve got the mirror! Oh, I hope Videl is okay!”, Chi-Chi cried.

“What can we do, Mom, Dad?”, Goten asked, obviously scared.

Goku and Vegeta grinned at each other, then Goku replied “If the intruders want a fight, then we’ll give them one! Chi-Chi, you go warn the master while we gather everyone else.”

Chi-Chi smiled at Goku and gave him a quick kiss. “Sure thing, dear. But save some of the action for me.”

“Will do!”, he replied. Chi-Chi rushed to the West Wing while the others gathered all the other inhabitants of the castle.

Within minutes Bulma, Vegeta, Goku, and the rest of the animate objects were barricading the front doorway.

In the meantime, Chi-Chi arrived at the West Wing. Gohan stood over the enchanted rose, which only had a small amount of petals left, in its glass covering, still mournful.

The teapot spoke up, “Master, I have very important news.”

Gohan groaned, “Please, leave me in peace.”

Chi-Chi protested, “Sir, there’s a mob of intruders coming to attack the castle!”

“Just let them come, nothing matters now.”, the sad were-ape replied.

The teapot couldn’t believe what she was hearing, but she knew that when the master’s mind was made up, it was made up.

Chi-Chi sighed and left the West Wing, hurrying to the main entrance to join the others.

Right when she arrived, the villagers were almost breaking through the doors despite all the other object servants serving as a barricade.

“This won’t last much longer! When do we prepare for that fight, Vegeta?!”, Bulma nearly shouted at the clock.

Vegeta glanced at Goku beside him. The candle and clock nodded at each other, then signaled to all the others.

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