Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 7)
Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 7) romance stories

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Back at the village tavern, Sharpner and Krillin were meeting with Dr. Gero, the owner of a nearby mental institution. Dr. Gero was an elderly man with deep wrinkles in his slightly tan skin, blue eyes, and long white hair along with a thick white moustache.

Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 7)

Back at the village tavern, Sharpner and Krillin were meeting with Dr. Gero, the owner of a nearby mental institution. Dr.

Gero was an elderly man with deep wrinkles in his slightly tan skin, blue eyes, and long white hair along with a thick white moustache.

He was very cold-hearted as well, not showing any genuine care or concern toward patients or anyone else. Dr.

Gero said to Sharpner “I rarely leave the asylum at this time of night, but I understand that you’ll make it worth my time.” Sharpner then dropped a small heavy bag in front of his guest. Dr.

Gero opened the bag, revealing dozens of gold coins. He grinned and said “Okay, you’ve got my attention.”

Sharpner filled him in on the plan. “The thing is, I’m determined to marry Videl. But she requires more…convincing.”

Krillin laughed and said “That’s right. The girl downright turned him down!”

Sharpner glared at his companion and bopped him on the head. Then he continued “Everybody knows her dad is a nutcase.

Just earlier this evening Hercule was in here raving about a scary horrible beast locking her up.”

Dr. Gero replied “Even so, Hercule isn’t a danger to anyone.”

“The bottom line is,” Sharpner went on, “Videl loves her father dearly and will do anything to prevent him from being institutionalized.”

Krillin snickered and said “Yep, including marrying him!” While pointing at Sharpner. The taller guy glared at him again.

Krillin grinned sheepishly and bopped himself on the head, falling on to the floor.

Dr. Gero said “So basically, you want me to put Hercule into the mental institution unless Videl agrees to be your wife? Oh, that is so detestable.

” He paused before grinning again and saying “I love the way you think!”

At the cottage, Hercule was packing some equipment and practicing some moves.

He declared to himself “If no one will help me, I’ll do it by myself! I’m going to get Videl out of that castle if it’s the last thing I do!” Then he set out into the cold night.

Just a few minutes after Hercule left, a carriage pulled up in front of the cottage. Sharpner and Krillin walked up to the door. Sharnper knocked, then burst the door open.

“Videl! Hercule!” He called out.

Krillin said “They’re not home. What a shame, I guess this won’t work after all.” He tried to walk back to the carriage, but Sharpner grabbed him and picked him up by the neck.

“They have to return sooner or later,” the taller guy growled. “And we’ll be ready when they do.

” He then dropped Krillin behind a snow-covered bush and told him “Stay right there, until Videl and her dad come back.”

Krillin tried to protest, but Sharpner wouldn’t listen. Besides, he had already reached the carriage and began leaving with Dr. Gero.

“Gosh darn it!” Krillin muttered, stomping his foot on the ground.

The next morning at the castle, Videl was outside brushing Oolong. The were-ape, Goku and Vegeta watched from a balcony.

“I feel so weird admitting this,” said the beast, “but I’ve never felt this way about anyone or anything before. Not only is Videl very pretty, but she’s so sweet, brave, and warm-hearted.

I must do something special for her! But what?”

The trio pondered for a minute, then Goku exclaimed “Hey, I’ve got it!”

Later that day, the beast led Videl to an entrance she hadn’t seen yet. He took her hand in his paw and told her “Close your eyes, I have a big surprise for you.”

Videl obeyed, and the beast opened the door with his other paw. He took her into the middle of the large room. “When can I open my eyes?”

“In just a couple moments,” the were-ape replied. “I’ll let you know.”

Then he let go of her hand and walked over to the window. The creature opened the curtains, filling the room with sunlight. “Okay, now you can look!”

Videl opened her eyes and gasped! She was in a huge gymnasium, with barbells, punching bags, and anything else an athlete or martial artist would use.

The were-ape smiled and said “I take it you like the surprise?”

“I, I love it!” Videl exclaimed. “I’ve never seen so much training equipment in my life.”

“The entire gymnasium and everything in it is yours.” The beast said, smiling warmly. Videl threw her arms around him.

Time went by, and the unlikely couple bonded even more. The were-ape even revealed his real name to Videl, but not his title. They had a real dinner together.

Videl noticed Gohan devouring his food like a wild animal, using his paws and getting everything everywhere. She cleared her throat to get his attention.

Videl held up her utensils, and the were-ape imitated. After watching his guest take a few bites, he remembered how to eat normally again. Afterward the two went outside.

They fed some birds, while doing so Videl got Gohan to earn the trust and affection of their feathered friends.

Then they made snow angels, and even had a snowball fight!

Goku, Vegeta, Chi-Chi, Goten, Bulma, and all the other object servants were very delighted with this new turn of events in the couple’s relationship.

They just hoped the curse would be lifted in time.

Before long, Gohan and his beloved companion scheduled a dance together in the palace ballroom. The beast took a very long bath, ensuring that all his fur was lathered and rinsed thoroughly.

After drying off, he dressed in a fine tuxedo. The jacket and trousers were orange, and the shirt beneath the jacket was blue as were the dress shoes.

After Gohan was formally dressed and groomed he descended the stairs below the West Wing. He saw Videl by the staircase leading down to the main part of castle.

He was breathless at how stunning she looked! Her pigtails were done in braids, and she wore a sparkly dress consisting of a pink bodice, white sleeves, and a black skirt.

After Gohan bowed and Videl curtsied, they descended the staircase together. Goku instructed the other candles to dim their light.

The dance was amazing! Videl rested her face against Gohan’s chest, which confused him at first but then he grinned brightly with delight.

Goku, Vegeta, Chi-Chi, and Goten were extremely pleased with what they were seeing. Goku playfully nudged Vegeta, who merely smirked back at him.

An hour passed, and Gohan led Videl to the balcony outside the West Wing. They sat down together and gazed at the scenery. Finally, the beast spoke.

“So I take it you’ve come to like it here?”

His lovely guest nodded. But he noticed that her eyes had a sort of emptiness inside.

Before Gohan could ask what she was thinking about, Videl replied “Absolutely! But I miss my father terribly. If only I could see him again, even if it was just once.”

Gohan sighed, then his eyes lit up! He said, “There is a way, just wait right here!” Then he hurried inside and returned with the mirror.

The beast placed the mirror in Videl’s hand and explained, “This mirror will show you anything you want. Just tell it who or what you want to see.”

The homesick girl took a deep breath, then asked the mirror, “Can I see my father?”

It glowed a light green color, and within seconds Hercule’s image appeared. “Yes, it’s him!”, she cried happily.

Her joy didn’t last long though, because Hercule was obviously lost in the wilderness and in deep distress. “Oh no, he’s becoming ill and is lost!”, Videl cried in despair.

Gohan saw the image of Hercule, along with Videl’s anguish. He trailed off in thought for a minute, then said “In that case, you must go to him.”

Videl glanced at the were-ape, stunned. “Do you really mean it?”, she asked.

“Of course,” Gohan answered. “You aren’t my prisoner anymore. I release you!”

“Thank you, thank you!”, Videl exclaimed, hugging him tightly.

Before hurrying away she began to place mirror back in Gohan’s paws, but he insisted that she keep it as something to remember him by.

She hugged him again and hurried back to her room, changed back into her regular outfit, and after rushing outside Videl climbed onto Oolong’s back and disappeared into the distance.

As he watched his lady love and her horse fade from sight, the were-ape let out a rumbling, mournful roar.

Not long afterward, Goku and Vegeta entered the West Wing and joined him on the balcony.

Goku asked “Master, where did Videl take off to? We saw her leaving, and it looked like she had something urgent to attend to.”

Gohan sighed and replied “That’s because she did have something urgent to attend to. Which is why…I let her go.”

Goku and Vegeta gaped at their master. “What?! But why?”, cried Vegeta.

The beast answered, “I had to, and it was the right thing, because…I love her.”

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